…since Asher Barkley came to live with me.  He’s grown into such a sweet guy.


Asher, the magician.

Though 80-odd pounds later, he’s ever the puppy. AB insists he’s a lap dog and tries at any opportunity to sit on you.  His best friend happens to be a dachshund named Oscar Meyer. The odd couple indeed.  When I think of Ash, it will always be of his fun loving spirit, uncanny ability to pull a toy from thin air and his big smile.  Love my pony.



This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the beautifully, picturesque state of Vermont. It’s most appropriately nicknamed for the lush green mountains that can be seen all around.

Though, if I were to name the place it’d be simply called: a Kodak moment.

As you drive along the winding roads, you see signs marking “village of” and others that declare: MOOSE. For which you feel compelled to yell out – MOOSE in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. Don’t ask. Unfortunately, the only moose I saw happened to be partly on a wall.


There’s not much to speak of the night life, however we did manage stay out til the wee hours of the morning listening to Beatles music at Magic Mountain for a Butties concert where I saw Christopher Llyod – yes, the Professor! Who happens to be the Sam Llyod’s (of The Blanks, The Butties) uncle.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Vermont, pack your camera and prepare to enjoy the simple life: farmer’s markets, star gazing, pottery stands, wood carvings and the like.

Oh and if you want great service and a really good meal don’t forget to stop by Bob’s Diner. We luckily made it in before the breakfast rush.  Seems like the locals like it too.  You won’t regret it.

Wow  – where to begin.  Life has changed so much since we last spoke (or since I last blathered on about whatever randomness filled my head).  Today, I was talking with a friend and pipped up with something along the lines of: “I’ve come a long way, baby!”

Surprisingly, my friend agreed.

One of the coolest and most recent changes in my life has been joining a local dragon boat team.  I bet you’re like what? You’re not alone; it’s been most people’s reaction.  My group is completely amazing.  They just welcomed me in and after a few basics handed me a paddle and we were off.

Result of first practice:

1. Arms of PAIN! (that’s cause I was not doing it right)

2. Can we do it again (after I regain use of my arms!!!)

I’ll write more later.  Just wanted to let you all know I am alive, well and excited to be on the coolest team on the planet!

Today my mom turns 60! 6 decades of love, laughs and good times… she looks in pretty good nick. There’s hope for me!

Anyhoo… I got out of work early to hang with her and as I’m telling her to to get ready the following exchange took place.  Mom was half watching a quiz show.  I ended up laughing so much I couldn’t finish…

Mom to Me: What’s the antonym of antonym?

Me to Mom: A synonym?

Mom to Me: A cinnamon!

**End Dialogue**

Me laughing so much I cried.

For some reason she can’t say synonym.  I’m a horrible child.  I keep trying to get her to say it just so I can laugh again.  Mom, thank you for the laughs! I’m so glad you’re my mom.  I love you, every day.

Happy Birthday!

Getting bigger and more lovable each day…

Hi, I'm Asher Barkley.

Yes, I'm this cute!

So I’ve a new family member. He’s a two month old cute, cuddly, razor-sharp toothed rolly-polly black labrador mix.

I got him yesterday and named him: Asher Barkley. Barkley was my boyfriend’s contribution. I figure he’ll grow into having a double name and besides, I’ll need something formal to call out when he’s up to no good.

I’ll add a photo soon as I can’t get the phone app to upload it.

Today’s my first official day back at the office after handing in my notice. It’s quiet. Too quiet. It’s also raining out…

I decided to tell some of my students that I would be leaving. It’s harder then I thought – especially when they ask, “why?” and I just want to reply: it’s better for me.

Two have been gracious enough to congratulate me and wish me well. I’m impressed to note their maturity: they were (my) children just yesterday it seems. I’m hoping the rest of my goodbyes will go as well.

I’ve spent the rest of the morning filing and clearing out my desk. I left only the few things I thought to be useful for whomever takes my place. I know, how considerate…

My birthday (and last day at this job) is less then 2 weeks away! I can hardly believe it! *wiggles*

I guess it will take me a bit longer then I anticipated to get back into writing out my thoughts.  The last few months I’ve been so… quiet.

So time continues to roll on… Just over 3 years later I am finally ready say goodbye to my employer. I gave my two weeks notice in today; it was bitter sweet.

I’m excited with a hint of anxiousness. That’s normal though – a first time for everything (re: being normal).

That said, I read August is “Happiness Happens Month,” and I am certainly happy about the new prospects ahead. It’s also my birthday month, that alone equates to happiness in my books.

I’ve found an app for my phone to blog with, so perhaps I can make time for these random musings.

Til then… be well.

Me on St. Patrick's Day 2010

How do you smize?

So I asked my friend, how she smiles without smiling… (her pictures are gorgeous) and she said, “it’s called: smize.” What’s this? A smize? She explains it’s smiling with your eyes. So I tried – she laughed. It’s hard! Maybe I’m over thinking it; I kept wanting to “smouth.”

All my life, people have told me “smile. Smile when you say that. Are you smiling?” (YES! Take the frickin picture, already!)… and then I found the smize – my life will never be the same.

So my question: how do you smize?

Sometimes we make excuses for the ones we love…  Maybe, she really does want you to have a chance and to not be mad at her; maybe she really is sorry she had to go.  She should’ve dedicated this song to you, J. You really are such a brave boy.  I love you.