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Me on St. Patrick's Day 2010

How do you smize?

So I asked my friend, how she smiles without smiling… (her pictures are gorgeous) and she said, “it’s called: smize.” What’s this? A smize? She explains it’s smiling with your eyes. So I tried – she laughed. It’s hard! Maybe I’m over thinking it; I kept wanting to “smouth.”

All my life, people have told me “smile. Smile when you say that. Are you smiling?” (YES! Take the frickin picture, already!)… and then I found the smize – my life will never be the same.

So my question: how do you smize?


No, it’s not my time of the month – eww (did you have to go there?)!

However, I did have the most amazing dream last night.  I’m awake and totally all smiles. Gosh, I hope it comes true.  You know when you wake up and you’re like *wiggle, wiggle, wiggle* in your bed? I feel like a little kid.  Yeah, it was that good of a dream.

I’m going to hit rewind on my mental images to see if I can relish in this thought just a little bit longer… Catch you, later!

Yes you do! So check out one of my SL gone Twitter mate’s page and pack your creative writing skills!

This story is going places… it’s going to be some funtastic ride!  Ah, what are you waiting for?

Oh. Yeah. The link: here. GO!

This is the face I make when you say the thing you say that I don’t get:




So, once again, I’ve no excuse for my absence save that I’ve been working long hours and have had my brain replaced with something like cherry jelly…

That said, I think I am in love.  Let me explain – gosh!

It’s no surprise that I enjoy a good read, it shouldn’t be at least.  Furthermore, it shouldn’t be surprising that I won’t read (or see) something because it’s been hyped – but I finally had to.  Today, I began Twilight and I was captured from the first quote.  

I keep smiling, but like a school girl… embarrassed.  I’ve stood up several times from my seat, sighed aloud, tried to wipe the smile from my face only to find that I’m smiling again the moment the book is in my hands.  I’m only at page 102. 

I bought the box set so I wouldn’t have to wait and be tortured like I was with the Harry Potters… However, unlike the HPs, it’s this one character that has me, my head, completely in a spin.  <sighs> This is bad.

Anyway, I don’t expect I’ll be around much until I finish this one at least… maybe just to update you on my growing, “stupid, stupid..” crush.

So I’m sitting in the living room with my mom and my sister walks in…

[Sister] Hey, your boobs look fake. 

[Me] Duh, that’s cause they are. You can tell? 

[Sister] No sh*t, when did you get them done? [Sis to mom] That’s why that little b*tch’s boobs always look so perky! 

At this point my mom, knowing I don’t have fake boobies jumps in on the fun:

[Mom to Sis] She got them done in Australia – didn’t you know?

[Sister] No! How much? Let me see the surgical scars…

[Me] 1000 a piece – they do them cheap over there.  Dirty knives or something… No way am I just gonna flip them out.  You gotta buy me dinner first!

[Sister] COME ON. Look me in the eye and tell me they’re implants.  I know you can’t lie like that.

My best acting ever, I smile and look her in the eye (I’m already smiling so she can’t use it against me!) 

[Me] Just cause they were cheap doesn’t mean they can’t be real looking too… I’d let you feel, but you’re not my type.

Here my sister drops it, but later must’ve still been thinking about it ’cause she said out of no where… “You can’t keep this lie up! You are too much of a health freak to do that!”

HAHAHAHA! I’m still laughing on the inside. It’s killing her… I’m such an awesome sister with fabulous perky boobs!

Like I’d forget you guys… seriously!

Front: You will receive a big surprise very soon.
Back: Banana

I never laughed so hard in my entire life! When I showed it to the friend I was having dinner with we both laughed out loud. I never knew the Chinese had such a sense of humour!

Oh yeah… I’m baaaaack! You missed me, didn’t you?

My sister tried to out stare each other, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.  This was our [my] pitiful attempt.

Incidentally, I challenged Oss and Pirate B, Wally and his Mandolin Playing bro to also submit their attempts!  I’m sure something much more crazy will come out of this – if they don’t chicken out…. bok!

The advisors and I are up to some end of year craziness – @wheee! This is just a sneak peek of the rock video gone blooper reel to come. Oh heaven help you all! We gave each of our characters names; how I got MizRebel when I am always laughing, I’ll never know. At least, I am not Miss Piggie, I mean Ms Pickies. Lalala!

Why am I dancing by myself? Uhm, cuz I look like I am gonna knock someone out with my arms swinging like a spaz!! That, and everyone was on the sides gasping for air after their first take. Lame.