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in a world where a pillow fight solves anything…


tomorrow, tomorrow… I love ya tomorrow.. you’re only a day… a-way *coughs* Now that I got that outta my system and since I’ve been singing the birthday song to myself all month I thought I’d have these cute little guys do it for a change (love the harmonies!) It’s gonna be a great day – @wheee!

Though in some parts of the world it’s already my birthday… it’s good to be me and if ppl loved me more then they would give me twice as many birthday pressies cause after all my birthday is happening right now Down under… so – where’s the love, ppl?! Chop, chop!

but, I like their sense of humour! Thanks Oss for the giggle.

Thanks Z for the heads up… I guess SL isn’t all about the shopping (shocking, I know!)

Flying elephants now come in great big (blonde) hairiness-ness…. ie Sophia-dogs! What ever am I on about, you ask? Well… mom took Sophia outside to have a bit of a play and during this time, she runs over to the back fence where there’s some old wooden fence resting upon the other. Sophia looks back at mom as if to say, “watch this!” and takes a running leap up the wooden fence and over so that she’s now in the alley way behind mom’s house. Mom of course freaked, but Sophia and my oldest newphew thought it was the best fun… I’m glad I wasn’t here cause I’m sure my heart would’ve been in my throat.

Who knew when I nicknamed Sophia, my big hairy elephant, that she would take it to mean flying elephant! Anyway, the mental image of her taking a running start after giving mom this cheeky look made me laugh and laugh.

until the most t1nktastic day of the year comes around once again… my birthday! Now, as all my hardcore followers (ha) will remember from last year’s audioposting, I am a HUGE fan of birthdays – mine most especially. I’ve never been the kind of person who would go “ungh, another year older” because who cares… there will be cake (hopefully) and singing (hmm.. ) and pressies!

And, come on… what t1nk could resist having a day dedicated to herself; to the day she graced the planet with her wit, her charms, her, uhm, irresistible cuteness?! Not any real t1nk would, but you can thank your lucky stars, I am not one of those kind of crazy for I, LOVE my birthday!

Alas, though tink celebrations are one of my favourite things to talk about it.. let us take a moment to think of something bigger then the tinkverse (I know, shocking!) we have grown to love and feel comforted by because after all the world is vast and, truly, a tinkverse could not exist without it.

This is one of my favourite BEP songs and I might have to someday take it out of context and remind you that one of the highlights of upcoming event of the year is, well, the pressies *coughs* Don’t make me ask you – where is the love? 😉