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Today my mom turns 60! 6 decades of love, laughs and good times… she looks in pretty good nick. There’s hope for me!

Anyhoo… I got out of work early to hang with her and as I’m telling her to to get ready the following exchange took place.  Mom was half watching a quiz show.  I ended up laughing so much I couldn’t finish…

Mom to Me: What’s the antonym of antonym?

Me to Mom: A synonym?

Mom to Me: A cinnamon!

**End Dialogue**

Me laughing so much I cried.

For some reason she can’t say synonym.  I’m a horrible child.  I keep trying to get her to say it just so I can laugh again.  Mom, thank you for the laughs! I’m so glad you’re my mom.  I love you, every day.

Happy Birthday!