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Today would’ve been Lucy’s 3 month birthday.  Sophie and I sat by her grave in quiet for a while…

She died 3 days ago.  I’m sorry I just can’t bring myself to write about it here too right now.  I have registered a complaint with the Division of Consumer Services and also with PETA.  I believe the people I adopted her from knew she was sick and neglected her.  

My heart hurts so much –  she’s not here and yet everywhere I look I see something of her.  Today, Sophie smelt of her; it made me cry.

Happy Birthday, my sweet angel.


I called the vet this morning. Lucy’s doing a bit better, but still a long way from home.  Please keep up the prayers.

As of 453am, she’s still being force fed (she won’t eat on her own), but continues to throw up.  I’m not sure if it’s heaps, but this is a worry.  Her diarrhea seems to have lessened, but is not completely gone.  Her temperature is low, so they’re using hot water bottles to keep it up and this has been helping.  Funny, I used to call Bean my hot water bottle and when I got Lucy her tummy was so warm.  Lucy’s blood sugar is still low, so they’re still giving her dextrose.  She’s a fighter – she made it through the night.  

I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much and I know bargaining doesn’t really  help, but I’ve thrown in a few – just in case.  I want Lucy to come home, to be happy and healthy – to get better.

She’s done well to come this far. It blows my mind to know she was this bad off…  Please keep up your prayers!  Thank you.


Puppy Palace Strikes Again

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It’s 8:06PM, I just got off the phone with the day vet who has been taking care of Lucia. She’ll be handing over to the night vet soon and wanted to update me on her status.

Lucy, had another bout of diarrhea and they are keeping her on fluids and frequent checks. Her case is considered critical.

She’s been diagnosed with parvo and has very low white blood cell count, low blood sugar and was extremely dehydrated (due to the vomiting and diarrhea).  My vet said she had been sick for a while and gone untreated.  I’m praying for a miracle and hoping Lucy has the pluck to fight it off.  She comes from a supposed pure bred lineage and the certificate says the Dam’s name was: Chee Chee Take a Chance.  All my prayers are counting on it – for sure.

I can’t believe this is the puppy I got yesterday nor that the people from Puppy Palace are the same people I dealt with. I keep pinching myself, but somehow I can’t wake up from this nightmare. My dog is sick – really sick and the people at Puppy Palace (in Hollywood) are acting like she’s just a dog… “just bring her back for a refund.”  The woman was rude and trying to have me admit fault, but the fact is she and Puppy Palace sold me a very sick dog.  They let me get emotionally invested and wanted me to return her as though she were a pair of shoes – she’s not, she’s my dog, my family.  Regardless of whether Florida Pet Lemon Law or anyone will hear me – these people are doing a great injustice to innocent animals and their people.  

I don’t impulse shop – especially not with animals. I visited this particular place twice and another place a couple of times a week with my best friend; she was looking for a dog. I was just looking and being a support until I saw Lucia. I asked to hold her and immediately knew that she was different. She was different to all those puppies I had held and played with, all the ones I looked at through their bars and cages – Lucia and I are supposed to be together.  Who knows what would’ve happened to her… I can’t even think about it.

Now this relationship is in a critical state and God can save her, God please save her… please pray for her.

[This place and people like it are unfit for dealing with animals.  They shouldn’t be allowed near them and certainly not in charge of their care, in this and several other instances – neglect.  I pray that all those other puppies are saved too and that someone stops people like Puppy Palace.]