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I finished Twilight today.  I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything (I LOVED IT) – go read it yourselves!  However, I am glad I have New Moon at the ready… I don’t think I’d survive the night without “feeding” again.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, nay ’twas more then that – I was truly dazzled!

I place so much weight on my dreams – tonight I’ll look for someone like Edward Cullen.  After telling a friend that his character could only have been dreamt to life, that he couldn’t be real her response was maybe some part of him is.  Funny, that I put so much weight on my dreams and I didn’t consider this until she spelt it out for me.  Maybe there’s hope yet…


So, once again, I’ve no excuse for my absence save that I’ve been working long hours and have had my brain replaced with something like cherry jelly…

That said, I think I am in love.  Let me explain – gosh!

It’s no surprise that I enjoy a good read, it shouldn’t be at least.  Furthermore, it shouldn’t be surprising that I won’t read (or see) something because it’s been hyped – but I finally had to.  Today, I began Twilight and I was captured from the first quote.  

I keep smiling, but like a school girl… embarrassed.  I’ve stood up several times from my seat, sighed aloud, tried to wipe the smile from my face only to find that I’m smiling again the moment the book is in my hands.  I’m only at page 102. 

I bought the box set so I wouldn’t have to wait and be tortured like I was with the Harry Potters… However, unlike the HPs, it’s this one character that has me, my head, completely in a spin.  <sighs> This is bad.

Anyway, I don’t expect I’ll be around much until I finish this one at least… maybe just to update you on my growing, “stupid, stupid..” crush.