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Already by the cast of characters you know something is up.  So… 

Picture this, me dressed up for work – high heels, slacks and a boobie blouse taking my golden out for a wee before I head off. She sees the neighbour’s cat and yanks my arm out of the socket (well not quite, but nearly)… and takes after it. The cat makes a daring escape over the fence after which the dog nearly follows, hindered momentarily by a loud and desperate scream, “NO!” that’s my cue… I start running after her, but the ground is soft and my heels are sinking into it. She, the dog, thinks it’s a fabulous game and starts running every time I get close enough to grab her. All the while a squirrel in a nearby tree, mocking my efforts and laughing at the scenario – to think, I saved that squirrel from the cat the morning before. 

Finally, after several No‘s and naughty girl‘s .. I grab a stick. A, plain, ordinary stick and sucker that little bleepity bleep of a pooch in and take her inside. My hair is sticking up like I’ve just stuck my finger in a socket and got the shock of my life. My cheeks flushed.. sand and top soil in the cuffs of my slacks… My day, has only begun.

Go on.. Laugh it up! Though, I must say, animals (like children) keep life interesting…. XD


Prince Caspian, the second instalment of the 7 part Narnia series, is just about to hit the theatres.  It looks Oss-some!  I’m going to have to refresh memory of the story before I watch it just to make sure Disney kept true to form.  I’m off to Barnes and Noble now – I can’t wait! Preview, below… @whee!

Oh, and Happy Secretary Day! Love your work… yeah, you know who you are!

A friend convinced me that I should buy this plumping lipgloss because it worked wonders… I wouldn’t say I have thin lips, but they’re no puckers a la jolie. So I get it and put it on right away cause… well, who doesn’t want to experience a wonder?

I dunno if it worked though, but it tasted yummy. You can watch my long portrait of the experience and let me know what you think.

Best gnocchi con filleto de pomodoro outside of the house – ever!  Even day two… (it’s day 2 and I’m having them for lunch) they still rock my sox…mmm :9 <— my it’s yum face

Go, now! Get some (cause I’m not sharing…) Well, maybe I’ll share a little since it’s such a frickin huge serve. 

***After lunch***

Gastronomic bliss is finding the last ice cream cone, filling it with ice cream and eating it. Huzzah!

wally 10:35 Tink
t1nk 10:36 B!
wally 10:36 Guess what?! I’m going to spend the summer with my cousin in your town!
t1nk 10:37 You’re Pregnant
wally 10:37  hahah
t1nk 10:37 OMG! COOLIO
wally 10:37 so we can hang out ALL THE TIME!!!
t1nk 10:37 SUPERCOOL!!!!!! When? DETAILS MAN!
wally 10:38 june-august and guess what’s even COOLER!
t1nk 10:38 MY BIRTHDAY! what?
wally 10:38 APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!

t1nk 10:38 😐

wally 10:38 I’m sorry
t1nk 10:38 uncool man, uncool
wally 10:38 had to trick SOMEONE
t1nk 10:38 I knew it, but I just wanted to believe
wally 10:38 when is your B-day?

t1nk 10:38 today
wally 10:38 oh, really?
t1nk 10:38 Yes… you forgot?
wally 10:39  yes. happy birthday!
t1nk 10:39 <—- crying even more now
wally 10:39 awww
t1nk 10:39 Everyone did. It’s kinda sad, really…
wally 10:39  i will still come visit you as soon as I can. I’m horrible at b-days
t1nk 10:39 tinks should not be forgotten
wally 10:39  i forget my own. i never forgot you. just your birthday 😦
t1nk 10:39 Yeah, sure… *sniffs*
wally 10:39  *love his Tink*
t1nk 10:40 Do you feel guilty or are you just like yeah whatever….build a bridge Tink
wally 10:40  i do feel bad if you feel bad about it
t1nk 10:40 I feel terrible
wally 10:40 I’m sorry
t1nk 10:40 I can’t believe you of all people forgot it was APRIL FOOLS!!
wally 10:40  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
t1nk 10:41 HAHAHAHAH
wally 10:41 you are GOOD!!!! i was ready to cry! lol
t1nk 10:41 I know.. I had to trick someone

Hahaha – revenge is so sweetah!

NKOTB are coming back! HMOC – I can’t believe it!!! (Excessive use of exclamations allowed due to manic feelings of joy and rapture!!!) I feel like a tween again! I’ve jumped around the room, screamed a little girlish scream and I think.. I think my knees feel like buckling (even though I’m now sitting down.)

I loved these guys, like scribble hearts and my name and their name, all over my Trapper Keeper, love.  I still have all their uhm.. cassettes, but now I have nothing to play them on haha… I can’t believe they’re coming back! I’ve got goosebumps! I wonder if I can sucker anyone into going to the concert with me – hmm… much plotting to be had.

Once my mom met them in the airport – I’d never forgive her except that she did bring me their autographs and the pen they used and she did tell them I loved them.  So, I guess it’s forgivable… I guess.  For the record, it was my sister’s fault I couldn’t go to the airport (ah, don’t you love old grudges that you thought you were over resurfacing…) cause she pissed my grandma off and so I had to stay home with her instead of go to the airport and meet them myself.  Grrr… Ok, now I’m mad.  I’m gonna go call her and grumble out of the blue.