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Today the world mourns the loss of a great performer, Michael Jackson.  I grew up dancing and singing to MJs songs.  My mom used to tell me about how she ushered for one of his shows in Indiana and I remember asking why she never tried to get backstage to see the boy who would become the King of Pop.  Her answer was never terribly exciting… just that she saw him up close as a young guy was thrilling enough for me.

Today she repeated this story to me, but I didn’t ask why… I just felt sad, more then that – speechless. Whatever he was in life, who ever he was – I will always remember how his music moved me and the story of him as a young man always made my mom’s eyes sparkle just that little bit more.

Safe journey, Michael.  God bless your children… my deepest condolences to your family and friends.

(gee I wrote alot for being at a loss for words…)