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Happy Thanksgiving!

So this year, I didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving.. not because I’m not thankful or anything. Just that after 7 years you’d think it’d finally be very near tradition, but no… blank faces and “we didn’t know it was coming up” when mentioned was what I got.

So stuff it (mmm… stuffing, no). Ok, so maybe making my Aussie family dress up like pilgrims and indians because that’s what the Americans do *coughs* wasn’t such a nice thing, but I didn’t make them last year! Though, that was because Butteress spoiled it for me! (thx for telling them!)

Anyway, whatev… I’m over it. Hope you all enjoyed your turkey comas.


They’re baaaaaack… I have been *so* hanging out for their return to stage! New album, new video… promised due out sometime early new year! Was any event ever more joyous?! (ok, so I’m a tad dramatic – but I’m freakin excited!)

Check it – just watched Silverchair perform Midnight Oil (part of MO’s induction to Hall of Fame).

Stop laughing, Boojum!

I was so excited 5 minutes ago to find that Silverchair (my all time favourite band) were playing at the Pyramid of Rock Festival (Phillip Island) which isn’t too far from where I am.

I sent an overly cheery email to Tastyworm & Storyboard Queen stating we were ALL going because they will love me as much as I love Silverchair… I mean them, of course and what a cool way to spend the new years…

but alas (and this is a lesson for you kiddies, so pay attention) after checking the Pyramid of Rock Festival website I was so sad to find that it’s all sold out.  Which doesn’t really surprise me, but why! Why did I only hear about the festival today? I regularly check the band’s website (see my bloglines!) and I even check myspace (that’s real maddness in dedication!)

4 more tickets – one for me & 3 others… why, why are there none left? I’m going to go and pout now, because somehow I think that will help.


My mysterious hive


So I have this mysterious, hive – yeah.. just the one. It’s been coming and going for over a year now and never when I can get anyone to look at it. How can you will a hive to appear when you need it to so that it can be banished? Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t want to leave my body and it’s little hive brain (that is to say, if, a hive had a brain) it wants to annoy me forever!

Goodness, I hope not! I had some bloodwork done yesterday and should hear back soon if it’s an allergy… I just hope the doc does find something because it’s driving me mad and am starting to get annoyed with people who love play doctor without my asking them to. If I ask then we’re cool, otherwise keep your two bit advice (thanks!) 😛

Am feeling mean today – grr. Plus I’m mad it’s off-season, so no HOUSE!

Flying in an aerochute over Avoca, VIC



… in an aerochute today! Oh jingle bells… uhm, wait! Not Christmas yet, but yesterday I went aerochuting up in Avoca, Victoria (about 2 hours NW of the city) and it was so much fun; it felt like Christmas!

We got up to 3500 feet and it was like being part of the air. The tight turns were full of woo-hooing goodness and take off and landing were, dare I say it, better then in a plane with regards to fun factor, probably because I had a front row seat for them in the aerochute. If you’d like to see more of my pix from the weekend check out my flickr and if you’d like to learn more about aerochuting check out their website.

I’m too tired now to write much more…

This is a life question.. or is it? Whatever it is, it kind of makes my head explode a little (now try figuring that out).

Last night I watched, I Heart Huckabees, a 2004 existential comedy and loved it; it’s the newest addition to my DVD collection. Who would’ve thought being and nothingness could be so funny? Well, obviously the writers of the film.. duh!

Go see it and try to take the last bit of the film to heart because for as much as it’s funny it does reveal some truths.


Last night, I finally had the great pleasure of watching Cars (2006, Pixar film). Don’t worry – I don’t plan on giving anything away, save you should see it (if you’ve not)… now! I liked the film so much that we’re going to buy the DVD tomorrow then invite people over and make them watch it so that they will love it too.

and they will!

I’ve finally bit the virtual bullet and got myself a WP account. Why? Well, my blogger account no longer lets me update it (for reasons I’m still not clear about) and secondly I felt a little creeped out having a myspace account*; it seemed so loud. That’s the last thing I want in my virtual reality or any reality, for that matter.

Anyway, I’ll no longer be blogging @ because of all the hassles with “broken pipes” and other various blogger issues over the last few months. Since when do blogs have pipes?! I can’t even make one last post to let the few people that read my blog know – I guess they’ll find me by other means (or maybe I could email them).

It feels kinda weird, moving…

Like I’m in new clothes, only the clothes are too big or something, but I’m sure that will wear off. Incidentally, I tend to start writing as though we’ve been talking all along. You’ll get used to it or you won’t – that’s just me.

*not meant as an offense to all you myspace enthusiasts!