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If just by having one city turn off the lights reduced energy consumption as much as it did – imagine if we all got on board. We only have one Earth – it’s our duty to take care of it. Why not join in doing your little bit… it’s so easy to just switch off for an hour. I’ll be doing my part tonight… will you?  Check out the Earth Hour site for more details.


Spent the day with my cousin (and totally resisting calling him by the name I’ve called him since he was born…) Anyway, after a long day of myspace, myspace layouts -cringes-, customising myspace layouts, uploading music, making music videos, taking photos, uploading photos… deleting photos – well, I hope you get the idea… my brain is totally fired, I mean fried!  Staring at html and tweaking colours, boarders… yada yada I end the day cross-eyed, but feeling like we did some good work!My cousin is a lyrical, spiritual wonder – hopefully he’ll see some really positive results from brieding our mains* session today.  Below is the home video of his freestylin: Currently, he’s working on a new album (having released an EP in 2007).  You can check out some of his other songs on his myspace page –*Definition: Main Bried, to bried one’s main (English translation: Brain fried, to fry one’s brain), this is what slipped out of my cousin’s mouth after I asked if what we did to his myspace was what he wanted – heh, I told him I’d blog it! ** You’ve no idea how many times I had to type brain fried… it just kept on coming out brian friend. Maybe I’ve got Mr Butterfly man onna brian.. brain.. friend .. fried – Oh come on, you know what I mean!

Last night I attended the Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors game.  The Warriors spanked the Heat, almost effortlessly.

One shot after another, one perfect set up and the Miami boys were just chucking the ball in the air as though they hoped some great gust of wind would push it toward the basket.

At one point, the Heat were passing the ball and one of the players actually flung the ball to someone sitting in the sidelines!  I stood up and asked the roar of the crowd, “what are you doing!”  I don’t think even he knew…

Though there were very few supporters there and the court was probably the smallest I’ve seen – ever (I mean I’ve seen high school gym courts bigger), they did manage to make alot of noise for the Heat.  I left before the end of the game, as did heaps of other people.  It was just too painful to watch.

I remember being a cheerleader (in school, in school people!) for our basketball team and seem to recall it bad form making noise when the boys would go up for a shot (we’d just silently wish they’d miss it) and yet at the Heat game it seemed encouraged.  It made me laugh every time the other team scored the announcer sounded like he’d just ate something sour and horrid, but when the Heat scored it was like the best thing ever.

The Warriors didn’t seem phased.   

I’ll be posting photos to my flickr of the spanking later… 

In my family, we’ve alternate names for almost everything… it’s almost a game (with me, anyway) to give something a nick.  I even go as far as finding “prenatal” names for my expecting friends… Gondule is the most recent one of those.  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with double standards or poultry for that matter… well I’m getting there.  I’m brushing my teefs as I write this so chillax whilst I spit!Right… anyway it occured to me that two of our delicio… I mean feathered friends are on opposite poles in regards to endearment.  

Turkeys and Chickens.  

If you call someone a little turkey, to me that’s cause their acting like a little porkchop – acting up (gaw.. I can’t get away from renaming!), but if you call them your little chicken, that means something like your little sweetie – it’s good people! Why is this so?The thought occurred to me whilst showering (this post is very hygienic!) I thought, perhaps it’s because in literature bad things are ugly… and to me a turkey is not pretty unless it’s served up in a dish (sorry you turkey enthusiasts! Vegans and Veggies – this post is not for you – turn away! In fact, you should’ve turned away a while ago!) Chickens, however are cuter and tasty too (but they’re oh, sooooo tasty!) So maybe, just maybe.. this is how it came to be that a “You jive turkey!” became a put down and “Commere, my little chicken” became a term of endearment, for real yo!OK – fine, I’m struggling for material here, but I think it’s a double standard – even if I agree with it!  You know what… you are all are TURKEYS! Yeah, I said it!Have a nice day… turkeys! 

My local Humane Society was having a dog walk fundraiser.  I had planned on making it a community service project for my students since I wanted to go to it anyway.  As it turns out, my students couldn’t make it (it was a bit of a distance to travel for a few hours), so Sophie and I braved the streets alone.We so weren’t alone! There were heaps of dogs with their people.  If it weren’t for all the people, I was sure I had landed in dog heaven.  Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours – if you could imagine it, it was probably there; I saw a Marmaduke that I could’ve rode like a horse it was massive and other dogs that were so tiny, even Bean would look like a giant! You’ve not idea how I restrained myself from baby-talking them all.  I will however shamefully admit I squealed like a girl over a few of them (fine, most of them!)  However, that being said.. whilst it was dog heaven for me it was a little overwhelming for Mistress Fluffy Butt.  Lots of strange dogs coming at you from all angles… I probably should’ve thought it out better.  We lasted an hour and a half and had to bail because she was a wee bit too stressed.  We made our donation, got her a dog biscuit and headed home without actually doing the walk…When we got back to the car, she actually took a nap.  I guess it was a big day out adventure for her.  She did very well for the most part, though she snapped at two dogs (one that put his nose up her bum and another that must not have smelt nice), but to start with she seemed ok, it was just too much excitement, too much noise and probably just sensory overload.  We got home and she went straight to her bed and slept for another hour before she was ready to get going again.  She really is just a wee puppy, even if she looks like a great big hairy elephant. 

So yeah, I got some mutated canuck version of the flu… and have been home sick for the past two days (though I guess I was feeling sick-ish end of last week)… They gave me a shot of steroids, cause only a few weeks back I was down with bronchitis that I cleverly brought home from Chi-town.  Maybe I should start practicing my Arnold impersonations… “I’ll be baaaaaack.”  They said it’d boost my immune system or something… plus would stop the swelling in my throat (from all the coughing I’d been doing.) Monday I have a follow-up doc appointment with a new doctor.  We’ll see how I go.  Incidentally, this post has been in my draft box now for a week, but this Monday I am actually going to the docs so… I guess it’s still good.