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Ok, so like I had my birthday a few weeks back and earlier this week I went to one of the schools I work at and the security (most schools around here have now) rings the admin to announce I’m there.  So anyway, over the mic the security says, “I have one of the students here from…” and I put my finger up and shake my head and am like, “no, no… I’m the advisor.. the teacher” and security gives me the once over with a sideways glance and whoops pardoned (ha!) I walk into the office and ask where I can set up with the biggest grin on my face (’cause I forgot to say I was at a middle school) and just shake my head.  Then I get to the media centre where my meeting is supposed to be and everyone is pretty much gone except a few kids, a teacher and the cleaning lady.  I smile at the cleaning lady as she’s doing her thing around and after the kids and the teacher leave it’s just her and I in the room. She keeps looking at me like uhm, school is over… be gone… and so finally I say that I have a class here in a little while.  She gives me this look as asks in spanish where the teacher is and I say, I’m she! After which, she just about fell over her vacuum!! She says, no way! I thought you were a little girl of 15! (That’s half my age, baby!) I give myself the once over and am like nope, I’m the teacher, but thank you cause your the second to compliment me today! Though, as much as it’s a compliment, I often wonder if ppl are really looking at me – I have awesome, womanly cleaves and uhm… I’m just small, but I all woman! @wheee (ok, maybe a silly woman, but that’s not bad!)

Oh wait.. it gets better!

After the meeting, I’m waiting for my ride and this little middle schooler walks by me, once…twice.. and on the third walkby I smile, wave and hiya him.  He waves and pimps off to the end of the bench I’m sitting on.  He makes fun of two little girls that walk by that he obviously knows cause they only laugh and threaten to thump him one good (onya gals!) and after they leave it’s just he and I waiting… he lays down on the bench, he scootches closer and closer and I give him a look like “I could be your auntie! What the hell-o are you doing!”  [I was wearing my glasses, so this look was over the lenses with the brow cocked.  Apparently, Librarians have a similar look] Just as he’s about to be within smacking distance (having totally inched his way close enough) my ride arrives and as I get in the car says to me “what’s up with that kid” – I just smiled and said I think I was totally mac’d on by a 12 year old.

What a laughable day!

So, what’s my secret to youthfulness, you ask?  Ha – I’ve no clue, maybe plenty doses of laughter!


(whilst eating)

  1. check out the wiki on your food
  2. followed by looking up what your food once ate (uhm, detritus does mean what it sounds like – ack!)
  3. remember midmouthful, that your best friend mentioned your dinner was once a janitor

So I’m eating (for the first time in my life) this fish called Tilapia.  That I remembered as I’ve taken a few bites is the fish Butteress was telling me about the other day.  She said on the show they had rainbow trout and tilapia in the same area (fish farm) and when the guy hosting the show asked why the fish farmer was like cause the tilapia clean up after the other fish! Ok, so suddenly the salad is looking so much better… and then gaw! I knew there was a reason I don’t like eating by the computer (besides the mess factor), but I stupidly go and wiki it and yeah.. it’s true.  These fish are poo eaters.

So as I’m reading, I notice I still have this mouthful and suddenly feel like my mouth is full of something worse then dirt. Do I spit or swallow….?

Next time on t1nks of our lives…. will t1nk hurk or will she live to see another day?  Stay tuned.

Thanks Boojum for this frightful peek at the end of the intermaweb…