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.. you didn’t have enough reasons to feel guilty about your Second Life addiction. A friend of mine pointed out to me that I neglected to put the most tell-tale sign of an SL addict. Wait for it…

registering a payment method so that you can buy Lindens (SL currency) so you can buy pretend things with real money!

Man, how could I forget this one! Now don’t flip out and do something drastic now that, you too, realise you have this addiction… at least not before you send me all your Lindens first so that I can feed my prim shirts and fake shoe addiction!


Ok, so The Nativity Story isn’t the *only* film this season you should go run out and see… I just saw The Holiday. I left the theatre smiling like the Cheshire cat.  Go see it.. you know you like feeling good!

I can’t wait til it comes out on dvd – I want to watch it again already! Go, now, run! See it!

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas – I did!

Tonight our church booked out the cinema to watch The Nativity Story (2006), a film about the events that lead up to the birth of Jesus.  I really enjoyed it (and even shed a few tears… ).

I never like disclosing too many details about films I see that I’d like others to also, so I’ll just say that if you make the effort to watch one Christmas film this year make the effort to see this one.

One of the members of our church afterwards suggested the cinema putting up a sign outside the film that might read:  You’ve seen the movie, now check out the book! That made me smile… I wonder if it would catch on.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… not sure if I’ll get another chance to post between now and then.  Be safe. God bless!

What’s that?  It’s an amazing-tink-discovery!

Yes, yes I am a genius…so I’m eating some home grown olives (no, I didn’t grow them, poppy did) and then I take a drink from a tall glass of cold, pineapple juice I have sitting here next to me.

Tink-scovery, it’s a dreadful combination! *blik* I think my tongue is moving out.

Hi, my name is Tink and I’ve been addicted to Second Life since August this year. Why? uhm… oh so many reasons.

5 signs of an addict:
1. You want to log on so you can get to your SL job (as if having one in real life weren’t enough), so you can make Lindens (SL currency) so you can feed your other addictions…

2. like, shopping! Shoes – glorious shoes, hair, outfits or whatever else takes your fancy. They have *everything,* seriously I’m constantly saying, “wow, they’ve thought of everything!”

3. The dancing. Everyone is an awesome dancer in Second Life!

4. You look forward to hanging out with your mates at the pub, that strangely reminds you of something out of Star Wars, but you just can’t put your finger on it… hmm..

5. You enjoy sorting your inventory more then you do cleaning your real life room

You can also win money for best dress, dancing and/or best avatar (av) and..wait, there’s more! Plus, noobs get free money for the first thirty days of their Second Life, from money trees! All those years of mom and dad saying “money doesn’t grow on trees…” HA! It does, in Second Life!

You know you’re an uber addict when you realise you’ve lost time… you look at the clock, it’s midday and next time you look it’s 20:00 and you swear you’ve only been on for a few minutes! Honest!

Of course, there are other warning signs of addiction and if you’re concerned you should try to just step-away-from-the-keys… but why would you do that? Did I mention the shopping?!?!