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I laughed and laughed at this ’cause even before she said the last part I was like no way girlfriend you can’t forget about your…touching and she didn’t!! Watch and learn.


I love this song, but I already blogged about it. Though, since this is the live version I feel it’s worthy of another post… cause, well it’s LIVE!

LOve Mika! He’s so much fun. My friend Sue will be shaking her head at me right about now, but I totally blame her for my Mika addiction. It’s all your fault, Sue!

in 5 days! Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. I’ve packed my bag, but I’ll have to repack because I tried to shove all my gear into one … you know, being the economy traveller that I am (NOT!) Plus, I still need to make room for jeans and shoes – ungh… I might need 3 suitcases and a trunk!

My bestest friend, Butteress already has designs on whisking me away for a car trip to Orlando to celebrate her birthday at Sea World… when I mentioned I might be a bit jet lagged her reply, “you can sleep in the car” (but of course!) She’s also made plans for the 16th and our messages back and forth all end with “I can’t wait” followed by heaps of exclaimation marks!!!!!!!

Also two of my close friends, Alina and Wally are coming down from their respective states at some stage to visit me and enjoy the east coast summer weather! How cool is that?!

I had my hair cut yesterday and went out for dinner with the girl next door and another friend and right now I’m off to go catch up with “the girls” for a farewell coffee and a cuddle with their kiddies.

My last week is so full of stuff! Tomorrow lunch at the folks, then dinner at my house with some friends, Monday dinner @ the folks and home group (maybe work…. would be nice), tuesday my last hydro here, wednesday time to get smoov before flying off thursday! Wah-hooo!

Besides having fun, which is a tinks natural inclination… I must find a job to help out mami, set up internet at her house (cause I’ll die without it) and well, have some fun!

Ok, must dash!