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So cool!  She just got here right… and being the geek that I am I’m like mom, take a look at my blog.  The other day I posted Silverchair’s new video, Straight Lines and my mom says, what’s that…. so I’m like you have to listen to them, they’re my favourite band and she TOTALLY dug them!  She was dancing and everyhting! She said “I like this guy’s voice.  He sings nice”  – hell-o, yeah he does!

My mom is so cool.  She’s always been cool, but this so confirms it.

Incidentally, did I mention I love Silverchair’s new song… I even woke up this morning singing it!


My mami is here! She’s here all the way from the states! She said to me a few weeks back how she wished she could be here to look after me whilst I was recovering from my adventurous bionicism which made me think no way she could be here…. So I’m watching Matchstick Men and Worm comes home and he’s giving me this look like he’s up to something and I was like what’s that face…. what have you done and then my MOM pokes her head around the corner with this big grin!

I just about died right there. Good thing she was here to keep that from happening! I’m still not over it. I’m going to pinch her (jet lag finally got her and she’s having a nap) just to make sure she’s really here and she’s staying for a whole month! YAY!!

Just so you know… the whole surprise your family with a trip across the world thing started out when Worm and I surprised my family by telling them a courier was coming over to deliever a present and they had to be home to sign for it…. for which they weren’t home and I had to run to a neighbour’s house in the dead of night in the stinking hot Floridian summer to see if I could track them down. When I did I made up a story that the courier would be there for only 5 more minutes before taking the package back to the depot. When my mom arrived we were hiding in the bushes (uhm, not our greatest idea….) with the video camera running. She saw the red light and me running out of the bushes and she started to scream and cry bloody murder! I thought the neighbours were going to call the cops, but I guess those are typical night noisees cause no one even came out to check that she was ok. Anyway, after we were inside, we decided to do it to my grandma (cried, kissed and hugged me heaps) and then to my uncle (who actually exclaimed, “holy smoke!” and jumped about a foot in the air from the shock.) So just for the record – the first was the ultimate in surprises….. since then though, my mom has surprised me for my birthday and now this one. So she’s one up on me… hmm…. plotting revenge.. I mean surprises will be fun!

Oh yeah and Matchstick Men definitely worth seeing… do it now, if you haven’t.

Yes – finally! Silverchair … Straight LinesYoung Modern… out soon! Happy, oh so happy days! I can’t even string a straight thought together, but here for your viewing pleasure (and mine) – their latest video, off their newest soon to be out album!

I love it and you will too. Watch it – now (don’t you love all my demandingness?!)

So these past weeks, I’ve been on one great big, life changing adventure that has left me walking on crutches for these 3 weeks and will also, for the next 3…. (hopefully, not too much longer after that). Crutches are not cool looking, but they can be fun and they’ve helped me get around so they are my friend.

I’ve found that you can easily get which foot you step out on first confused, but you’ll only do that a few times before you learn it feels way weird and creepy to do that. So it’s crutches, bad leg, walk thru with good leg… you can get a bit of speed up too, but lots more to pay attention to so only in short bursts.

Stairs are fun… going up you put good leg, bad leg, crutches… going down you put crutches, bad leg, good leg… incidentally it’s not a bad leg because it was bad, just that it’s the one that is bung at the moment. So stairs are like doing mental aerobics because you’ve gotta remember the right order otherwise creepy, weird feeling… ahhh!

Now for the real fun… did you know you could pretend play shoot ’em ups with your crutches – bang, bang! I got you! What, play dead… amuse me, I’m on crutches!! Also, when you’re standing around waiting for your doctor appointment (because they don’t have chairs you can sit in that are high enough) and you have someone standing near you with their legs kinda spread apart… you could very easily whack them between the legs for entertainment purposes or at least pretend to whack them which is almost as fun. Though, backlash of this action may result in reduced sympathy and manservant care (see below) later in the day because apparently laughing like that means you’re totally better!

Oh and another fun thing, sore wrists and shoulders! YAY! Hmm… ok, so not so fun, which is why I suggest more whacking ppl with your crutches!

Ooh yeah and I’ve learned to pick things up with my crutches too… like go-go Gadget arms! Though, trying to put the thing that you’ve picked up someplace where you can reach is interesting since I’m having to balance upright without the help of the crutches that are in the air holding onto the thing I’m trying to get to.

Ah, I’m so glad I’m back to hurt your brains…. you’ve missed me, haven’t you 😉