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…since Asher Barkley came to live with me.  He’s grown into such a sweet guy.


Asher, the magician.

Though 80-odd pounds later, he’s ever the puppy. AB insists he’s a lap dog and tries at any opportunity to sit on you.  His best friend happens to be a dachshund named Oscar Meyer. The odd couple indeed.  When I think of Ash, it will always be of his fun loving spirit, uncanny ability to pull a toy from thin air and his big smile.  Love my pony.


Getting bigger and more lovable each day…

Hi, I'm Asher Barkley.

Yes, I'm this cute!

So I’ve a new family member. He’s a two month old cute, cuddly, razor-sharp toothed rolly-polly black labrador mix.

I got him yesterday and named him: Asher Barkley. Barkley was my boyfriend’s contribution. I figure he’ll grow into having a double name and besides, I’ll need something formal to call out when he’s up to no good.

I’ll add a photo soon as I can’t get the phone app to upload it.

Sometimes we make excuses for the ones we love…  Maybe, she really does want you to have a chance and to not be mad at her; maybe she really is sorry she had to go.  She should’ve dedicated this song to you, J. You really are such a brave boy.  I love you.

No, it’s not my time of the month – eww (did you have to go there?)!

However, I did have the most amazing dream last night.  I’m awake and totally all smiles. Gosh, I hope it comes true.  You know when you wake up and you’re like *wiggle, wiggle, wiggle* in your bed? I feel like a little kid.  Yeah, it was that good of a dream.

I’m going to hit rewind on my mental images to see if I can relish in this thought just a little bit longer… Catch you, later!

Yeah, hi… so my friend who knows me too well for his own good called out my bluff regarding my commitment to this e-project. It was all a ruse to get my over-loving mother off my back.  Secretly, I know you guys knew that too.  I’m a grown woman for crying out and of course I want my mother to be happy in knowing that I’m fine… that I’m happy, but not at the pain of having to really give these online folks a chance.  My heart is in good hands, at least I feel that it is.

As I said, some of the guys “read” like they could be good mates, but you know beyond that I’m not interested. At the end of the day there’s only one guy I have my heart set on.  He knows it and that’s all that matters.

My mom will just have to live and let things happen in their own time.  Sorry, mom.

That said, *he* and I had a really nice chat this evening.  I’m just all smiles and that’s all I’m saying.  Oh yeah… and I’m the one to watch out for!