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This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the beautifully, picturesque state of Vermont. It’s most appropriately nicknamed for the lush green mountains that can be seen all around.

Though, if I were to name the place it’d be simply called: a Kodak moment.

As you drive along the winding roads, you see signs marking “village of” and others that declare: MOOSE. For which you feel compelled to yell out – MOOSE in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. Don’t ask. Unfortunately, the only moose I saw happened to be partly on a wall.


There’s not much to speak of the night life, however we did manage stay out til the wee hours of the morning listening to Beatles music at Magic Mountain for a Butties concert where I saw Christopher Llyod – yes, the Professor! Who happens to be the Sam Llyod’s (of The Blanks, The Butties) uncle.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Vermont, pack your camera and prepare to enjoy the simple life: farmer’s markets, star gazing, pottery stands, wood carvings and the like.

Oh and if you want great service and a really good meal don’t forget to stop by Bob’s Diner. We luckily made it in before the breakfast rush.  Seems like the locals like it too.  You won’t regret it.


Today, my mom says to me … let’s go to the Humane Society to “look” – uhm, mom, I love animals.. I’ll want them all – and I did! So, we get there and it’s the first time I’ve ever “looked” at animals; I did do some volunteering there when I was a kid, but never any looking.. mostly playing which was cool by me since I never knew that they put them down if no one claimed or adopted them! (WAH!) … so right, we’re looking and I’m crying cause like how could anyone give up their dog after 3.5 years – I mean after a few hours they’re family! So we keep going and I’m crying like a wuss and pressing my hands against cages like you probably shouldn’t do… and come upon – Rainy, a 7 month Golden Retriever and we stop and I’m there like why why.. she’s so beautiful!

Ok, so they let you look more, like in a private room… so I said mom, I want to look at this dog.. but when I got out I thought well where am I going to keep it and yada yada since I’m not quite moved to the states…. but the lady at the counter whisks me away and says so you’ve got a name there you want to look at that dog and when I wrote the name down I’m not sure, but I did cause it was in my handwriting… So I’m in the private room, right.. and they ask me all these questions and then bring her in and she just loves me, licks my face and is so cute with her little crimped little ears and she’s totally got that “tilt your head to the side and make your knees buckle” look down! So I’m like I love her! (picture little hearts bursting out of my head like in cartoons), but you know.. probably to be honest if it was a butt ugly dog that was brought in I would probably love it too if it was as sweet as little Rainy… so mom says to me “happy birthday” and it’s like uhm over a month til my birthday… but who am I to turn down early presents! But there’s still the what will I do with her until I’m moved over here finally….I look at my mom and she’s got those same little hearts bursting out of her head! So I’m like well she can stay with you til I’m here and she was like oh goodness, I’m already attached!

So Rainy comes home with us and I promptly go to the pet place with Butteress to get bits for the new puppy and decide in the store that her name will be Sophia.. so I’m walking around the shop calling, Sophia… Sophia like a dork, but I like it and so I get her a little tag that has it and thus she is now family.

Whilst she’s already much bigger then her older sister Bean, I think they’ll get along beautifully. Sophia (nee Rainy) seems very calm and gentle, but playful at the same time. .. My camera is not working otherwise I would totally be filling this blog with her cuteness, rather then my words.. but ah, oh well… suffer!

Pictures soon hopefully!

Til then here is something Oss sent me to help do all of your heads in:

in 5 days! Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. I’ve packed my bag, but I’ll have to repack because I tried to shove all my gear into one … you know, being the economy traveller that I am (NOT!) Plus, I still need to make room for jeans and shoes – ungh… I might need 3 suitcases and a trunk!

My bestest friend, Butteress already has designs on whisking me away for a car trip to Orlando to celebrate her birthday at Sea World… when I mentioned I might be a bit jet lagged her reply, “you can sleep in the car” (but of course!) She’s also made plans for the 16th and our messages back and forth all end with “I can’t wait” followed by heaps of exclaimation marks!!!!!!!

Also two of my close friends, Alina and Wally are coming down from their respective states at some stage to visit me and enjoy the east coast summer weather! How cool is that?!

I had my hair cut yesterday and went out for dinner with the girl next door and another friend and right now I’m off to go catch up with “the girls” for a farewell coffee and a cuddle with their kiddies.

My last week is so full of stuff! Tomorrow lunch at the folks, then dinner at my house with some friends, Monday dinner @ the folks and home group (maybe work…. would be nice), tuesday my last hydro here, wednesday time to get smoov before flying off thursday! Wah-hooo!

Besides having fun, which is a tinks natural inclination… I must find a job to help out mami, set up internet at her house (cause I’ll die without it) and well, have some fun!

Ok, must dash!

Wow, 2007… I remember being like, 10 years old and thinking in 2000 I’ll be (however old I was in 2000!) and now we’re 7 years into the “naughties”! There was so much hype leading up to them, but anyway my thoughts are running away with me…

Hope all of you had fun ringing in the new year.

New Years Eve, I went to see the PLOS production The Wizard of Oz which was really well envisioned by the director and whilst there were some sound glitches, a few hiccups (opening night madness) – I did very much enjoy it. I had watched the movie the night before so I was well excited to see how they’d pull off the live show.

Afterwards, had a few people around for new year celebrations… we ate, we drank, we sang songs (inside the house and in the driveway near the street), we sang whilst DSUG played Blue and it was all good fun! I think I finally crashed around 4am… I just remember my bed never felt so good (and no, I wasn’t drunk at all).

So what does this have to do with Brissy, you ask? I was getting there, setting the scene if you will. Right, so, my dear friends, Mutton and Tiger moved (far far away) so that Mutton could do a uni course – she doing awesomely at, btw! Go girl! In attempts to lessen the distance between us… they came down for my birthday last August and we arranged to visit in the New Year… so.. we’re off to Brisbane for 4 days! It should be good times, so looking forward to it! You could say, I’m busting to go!

Ha! There you go.. I knew I’d work the title into it somehow.

From me to all of you… heres hoping 2007 brings heaps more good times!