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Over the weekend my ma and I caught  Shakespeare in Love on the tele. Towards the end, my charming mother chimes in with:  

Mom: That Shakespeare had beautiful eyes…

Me: That was Joseph Fiennes – mhm, yeah, he is dreamy!

Mom: Shakespeare didn’t look like that? (She actually sounded shocked)

Me: Uhm, no… I don’t think so.  Though I think he was popular with the ladies and surely it wasn’t all about the pen. 

Mom: Oh so all those people died and the girl got rid of that husband she didn’t love?

Me: Huh? (I thought we were talking about innuendo still) No… that’s the next story – 12th Night.  That’s what he’s writing… are we looking at the same movie?

Mom: What? You mean they didn’t die… aww man!

Me (laughing out loud): Well, if it makes you happy we could say they did.  He was writing the next play mom, remember the Queen asked for a happier one? 

Ma: See, that’s why I don’t like Shakespeare… he’s not real!

Well there you have it folks: first Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny… now Shakespeare!  Who’s next the Toothfairy? Come on… Is everything fake on this planet? Will all the real people please stand up, please stand up, please stand up (ok, I just had to do that!) I did try to explain that the job of a good playwright perhaps is to get the audience wrapped up in the play so much so that they forget that it’s not real (like she did). I’m not sure she got it.

Sometimes I wonder who’s the parent. Really. Seriously. xD


Yes you do! So check out one of my SL gone Twitter mate’s page and pack your creative writing skills!

This story is going places… it’s going to be some funtastic ride!  Ah, what are you waiting for?

Oh. Yeah. The link: here. GO!

Got itch?

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Since Friday night around 9pm I have been plagued by itchy hives. I hadn’t had anything unusual to eat nor have I been around poison ivy or anything like that that I know of.

4 days now of restless, itchy evilness!

Yesterday I had to give up some blood for an allergy test. I’ll have the results back in a week. Doc ordered me home until tomorrow (Wednesday) as he seems to think it’s viral. Great!

The only thing I can think was out of my routine was taking one of my sick students to night class. He was coughing and hacking and though covering his mouth – very likely the culprit of germ sharing!

I’m going to go take another Benedryl and finish watching a movie… anything to distract myself from scratching.

It’s so hot here. Where is the lovely spring?

I gave Sophie a bath yesterday and she promptly ran in the dirt. I’m sure so that I would hose her down again.

I have taken to spraying myself with water and standing in the doorway of the fridge or lingering with the freezer door open whilst I get an ice block.

To top it off the a/c repair man is on holidays until sometime this week. Why does he not have anyone else working for him? I hope he comes back soon! XP

This is the face I make when you say the thing you say that I don’t get: