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Well in a week t1nk and co fly out to Chicago for a very white (icy) Christmas with some family. In case you’ve not noticed I am a true lover of holidays (my birthday included). For as much as people seem to flip between sugarplum pleasantries to agro madnesses at the heart of it all everything is all good. Today, I’m braving the big mall for some holiday shopping and to get some wintery clothing for my trip. I wished for a white Christmas, but who’d a thunk it meant it’d be cold too!Anyway, to get you all in the mood a friend of mine sent me the link to this:Thanks Lexie, it freakin rawked!


I spent my afternoon with my nephews (my sister’s kiddies) who love to dance.  We made a little crappily edited video of the little hams groovin to Destiny’s Child, Bootylicious. Hahaha!

Oh, it’s good to be an auntie…

Little Miramar (the foundling) ate my Nine West shoes… and today she was chewing on something which I made her drop only to find it was a piece of the shoe she had been eating, but didn’t finish!

She’s so cute, has expensive tastes in shoes… if she was people she so could be me, but *I* would never eat my shoes! My beautiful shoes… *tear* Not even Sophie would do that! I told Miramar she was a bad dog *very* bad and she just did that cute thing that they do with the tilted head you know and the big puppy eyes like can I finish eating those if you’re just going to throw them out….but in fact it was I that was the bad one cause I should’ve put my shoes on the rack like I always do! What the hell-o was I thinking! I just never in my life thought she’d dare eat MY shoes! What female does that!

… I hope you don’t mind the chains… ha! 

We at t1nk inc. wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you find heaps of reasons to give thanks, laugh and share the love this year!

Hmm – whoops! Seems I left this in draft and never hit publish! I guess belated is better then never! Deal with it people…

Some of you may remember reading on my old blog how one of my friends had this friend ask him if he was IMing Selma Hayek whilst talking with me… if not, who cares. It happened! Well, today it happened again except instead of a friend of a friend it was the hairdresser.

She was cutting my hair and asks, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Selma Hayek?” and I was like well… LOL! She said she actually cut Selma’s hair when she was working in the Keys and that she was just like she is in the movies – you could tell right away who she was, not like some of those busted up celebrities that need a workover before you can tell who they are.

Anyway, so yeah I leave feeling all purty and extra so cause that’s twice now someone’s said I look like Selma and once by someone who’s actually met her! My mami still claims I’m cuter, but she might be a bit biased. In any case, I’m not turning my nose up to the comparison. Ms Hayek is gorge which means I am too!