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I laughed and eww’d til my eyes watered. I’ll never look at a hot & spicy pickle the same again!


My sister tried to out stare each other, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.  This was our [my] pitiful attempt.

Incidentally, I challenged Oss and Pirate B, Wally and his Mandolin Playing bro to also submit their attempts!  I’m sure something much more crazy will come out of this – if they don’t chicken out…. bok!

This week I’m doing training in grant writing.  We’ve had looooong days of listening, exercises and critiques.  It’s all been very interesting and hopefully I’ll get more opportunities to put theory into practice.  

I’m supposed to be working now so I’ll write more later.  PEACE!

The advisors and I are up to some end of year craziness – @wheee! This is just a sneak peek of the rock video gone blooper reel to come. Oh heaven help you all! We gave each of our characters names; how I got MizRebel when I am always laughing, I’ll never know. At least, I am not Miss Piggie, I mean Ms Pickies. Lalala!

Why am I dancing by myself? Uhm, cuz I look like I am gonna knock someone out with my arms swinging like a spaz!! That, and everyone was on the sides gasping for air after their first take. Lame.