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Kinda like Blue Hawaii, but less Elvis and more t1nkish… this is my very first (roughly edited) attempt at machinima. Enjoy or not – it was so much fun to make; even if it was just a tester. This was my first time playing with the programs and the first time I’d ever recorded anything off SL so I know there are heaps of things I need to correct for next time (like hiding all my tags and HUDs before filming).

My Tinkini: Surfin’ Bird

I recorded using the in-world capabilities provided by SL and edited using iMovie. Next time I’ll have a better think about what I’d like to do with the piece, but for now this was enough to get started with.


Have you ever noticed that people get this almost “I’m doing something naughty” look on their faces when they’re enjoying a hot chocolate? I mean, I know there’s nothing like a good hot chocolate – it’s even better then peanut butter… (those of you movie buffs will totally get that.) Though, it was only until doing a search on flickr for “hot chocolate” that I realised how many people actually get this look.

I know, you’re shocked for find that I am not the only one that wears a cheeky grin and gets a certain sparkle in the eye when presented with a steaming, hot, cup of delicious chocolate – yes, Yes, YES! Oh wait.. uhm… where was I? Hmm, well I assure you, my grin and my sparkle are completely and utterly unique to me because I am the only me you’ll ever have the good fortune (or displeasure, depending on how you please) to meet.

If you don’t believe me about the cheekiness of hot chocolate do the flickr search yourself, but I’m betting you know* all about that look… oh yeah.

*Unless you’re one of those -fReAkS!- that doesn’t like chocolate… and then I don’t even know why we’re friends. Go away from my sight you foul beast!

and, oh so, counting!

My heart is racing at the thought of finally holding Silverchair’s latest in my hot hands. They’re so good to me, knowing that waiting is the ultimate in tink-torture, they’ve posted the entire album on their myspace to listen to! 4 days early! If this were the days of Beatlemania, I would totally be one of those chicks fainting or crying near the stage… because I’m just so excited-happy – it’s completely stupid! Since it’s not (and bet my juicybuns you’re glad, too), I’ll just swoon and gush a little which all sounded alot better in my head.

If I was able to do a Snoopy dance of happiness right now… I so, would be (yes, that excited)! Anyway, go, run, now! You can listen, swoon and wear that stupid grin of glee like me; cause you know you wanna!

Snoopy Dance

Ok, so rarely does a television ad catch my eye these days.. since, I don’t really watch alot tv, but… tonight I saw an ad for Mika.  I wasn’t even sure what the ad was about (perhaps just advertising him).. in any case, I liked it.  Though, by the time I got home I had already forgotten it until my friend asked me out of the blue… “Do you like Queen?”  and I said yep and she said if so, check out Mika.  How freaky is that!  I was like dude, I just heard about him literally a few hours ago… She found the youtube video for me and I just love this song.  You will too, so listen up! I’m so going to be addicted to this song.

Some of the funny things I found funny this week (like stuffing up this sentence) were…

Worm walks into the living room after trying to find where a burning smell is coming from… He says he was sniffing around and went to sniff outside, but ran into the sliding glass door with his nose. The door has a strip on it so you can tell it was closed.. guess he let his nose do the walking. *hehe*

Second Worm funny, whilst watching Jackass Number Two at some point it got a lot hurky and Worm looked as though he were going to, but didn’t… but what was most funny was after the movie had finished he was sitting on the sofa bent over and when I asked him what was wrong he said, “I just thought about the thing that almost made me puke in the movie and I nearly puked again thinking of it.” *laughing so hard, I cried*

Another.. me trying to record using Garage Band on my MBP and wondering why no sound was being picked up only to find that the mic was muted (why the blinking blue light didn’t clue me in the first few tries I’ll never know!)

Lastly (for now anyway), me trying to get my jeans on unassisted. I’ve only just come off my crutches and though I have the okay to do things again the muscles in my legs need to be stretched so I can, well.. do things. I can’t quite bend down enough to put the jeans on and I thought to myself, “Oh no..will have to get my friend to help me get them on!” But then I remembered my wonderful, go-go Gadget arm-grippy thingo and yes, yes they can grip jean and help me yoink them up! Ah… I can dress myself again! While this may not seem like such a funny thing some ideas that were suggested to me prior to my remembering the GGG were hilarious… like you could rig some string in the belt loops… or dental floss!

Yeah, oookay, MacGyver.

  • When you burn the roof of your mouth and keep tonguing the sore spot, it hurts when you do, but you just can’t stop doing it.. like it’s out to get you;
  • When your mami’s stay is over all too quickly and you have to say goodbye for a really long time… and be all sad cause she’s not here anymore and the house is so freakin empty. Everywhere you walk, it smells like her perfume so it’s like she’s here, but you can’t see her anywhere... or ….
  • When your little dog has been acting very strangely, you bring her up on your bed for a cuddle and she goes to hide under her little blankie, but then hurks up on your quilt! Poor little Bean, poor Worm that had to clean it up (twice, cause she then finished chucking on her bed)… I think she feels better now.

Molotov Alva? Well apparently, he’s left his real life to live in the Second Life… A friendly Boojum, knowing how much I enjoy my SL, thought I’d find this video (one of 7) interesting – and I did. I think all you Second Lifers will also agree that Molotov’s story is an interesting one. You can watch the first episode at: My Second Life

Whilst I doubt I’ll ever want to give up my first life for a virtual one – digital chocolate is just not savvy! – I have wanted to make Second Life video stories using my little av since I began SL (just haven’t got a clue how to get the footage from in-world, out). This guy’s story is totally awesome (even if you’re not an SL addict).

So what are you waiting for?

Today, whilst searching for a bandaid for my avatar (that’s a whole other story in itself), I decided to explore Tableau a bit more. I’d been to this sim several times before, but never really checked it out properly. It’s got this whole rustic, ghost town feel about it (now, having been redesigned not too long ago) – complete with roadkill (with flies), tumbleweeds, and desert where if you visit the trailer at the end of the road… you too, can take a psychedelic journey to discover your destiny…

So anyway, whilst searching I stumbled upon some very cool freebies and fell down a top secret rabbit hole that led me to an alien compound… What desert is complete without an alien conspiracy? Among many other things I’m too tired to write about now, one of the coolest was the HUD you pick up at the trailer that makes everything look, well, trippy though you can’t take a snapshot with that view* so I had to take a screen shot to show you how cool it was!

Go on, go to the desert… find yourself. You know you want to.


*My friend, Oss, later informed me that there is a box you can tick to show HUD view when taking a snapshot… neat!

Ok, well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was pretty close… My friend, Wally, and I decided to send each other silly photos over skype. We both have MBPs so we used our Photo Booth programs and the nifty built in iSight. It was all good and fun, until I was totally scammed (ok, ok, I wasn’t scammed – I walked right into it… GOSH!)

Some innocent photos ended up losing me 100Lindens (about 40 US cents). Wally says to me, pick a card and before you click accept the picture that I picked as your card tell me the number. So he sends me the picture and I’m like ok.. but if you win you have to wait til next payday cause I’m so broke (SL shoe shopping was *so* worth it* the other night!) So, right, the picture is there waiting to be accepted and I pick the number and what do you know! It’s the NUMBER! He’s a freakin magician as well as a genius newbie who when asked how he does it (the SL stuff) his cool reply is “I read alot” – bah!


But I got him back, cause uhm… I have hot chocolate, yeah, and it’s so goooood!

Though, after doing some excercises in the pool today I’m zonked! As part of my recovery, I’m going two days a week (I think I’ve already mentioned this).. it’s been really good, but man it takes alot out of me!

So tonight… I’m looking forward to veggin out and watching something funny… like, Ugly Betty.

When I was last in the states mami, grams (and I, ok, darn you! I admit it!) were hooked on Yo Soy, Betty La Fea (1999, Columbian telenovela) which was, I’m guessing, the reason they’ve made an English one. Since mami is visiting me atm, we’ve been watching and very much enjoying the English version, though, mami has made one slightly unsure comment, “it’s kinda modern”*… about the show. Uhm, yeah, mom! Rest assured, despite her comment, she’s enjoying it heaps. We all are and so should you!

I don’t know if it’s still playing in the states, but it’s only just started here Down Under. Watch it, love it – go.. now!

*Mami’s comment needs to be said like your mom would say it.. kinda, well, like a mom!