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This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the beautifully, picturesque state of Vermont. It’s most appropriately nicknamed for the lush green mountains that can be seen all around.

Though, if I were to name the place it’d be simply called: a Kodak moment.

As you drive along the winding roads, you see signs marking “village of” and others that declare: MOOSE. For which you feel compelled to yell out – MOOSE in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. Don’t ask. Unfortunately, the only moose I saw happened to be partly on a wall.


There’s not much to speak of the night life, however we did manage stay out til the wee hours of the morning listening to Beatles music at Magic Mountain for a Butties concert where I saw Christopher Llyod – yes, the Professor! Who happens to be the Sam Llyod’s (of The Blanks, The Butties) uncle.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Vermont, pack your camera and prepare to enjoy the simple life: farmer’s markets, star gazing, pottery stands, wood carvings and the like.

Oh and if you want great service and a really good meal don’t forget to stop by Bob’s Diner. We luckily made it in before the breakfast rush.  Seems like the locals like it too.  You won’t regret it.


I read somewhere that if you’re gonna make a resolution for the new year it shouldn’t be something that you don’t want to do because you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Today I had this dark cloud over my head and Roberta Flack was singing “Killing me Softly” on my car radio… and then a car pulled in front of me with a bumper sticker that read:

“Think Happy Thoughts” 

And that was it… the cloud moved, I changed the radio station and just focused on flying. Ever so gently, I just felt better. 

It’s nice when stuff like that happens… really nice.  My New Year’s resolution is to “think happy thoughts” – what’s yours?

Funny how when you least expect it, you get the surprise of your life. It may not always seem good at the time, but hold onto it – your perspective may change.

Last night, I had one of those unsettling surprises, but here’s the thing: it’s a new year, a new beginning and I have hope. Maybe, it’s better described as faith – faith that it’s in God’s hands; that I’m not alone in my way of seeing the world and even if I am, that’s ok. I’ll be ok.

I often say, I live in a tinkverse where the colours are more vivid and the emotions run deeply. Not many people get this, but some people do – for which I’m ever so grateful.

To take a line from a song I like, “it’s time to face up, clean this old house, breathe in and let everything out” (Sanctus Real) – new year, new beginning.

For those of you, along for the ride – welcome. I hope we’ll have many great adventures together. For those who will disembark here – fare thee well, thank you for your company and for sharing all the ups and downs of the journey thus far.

To everyone: I wish you a joy filled 2009.

or as one of my students said.. happy singles awareness day! Ha!  

Well in a week t1nk and co fly out to Chicago for a very white (icy) Christmas with some family. In case you’ve not noticed I am a true lover of holidays (my birthday included). For as much as people seem to flip between sugarplum pleasantries to agro madnesses at the heart of it all everything is all good. Today, I’m braving the big mall for some holiday shopping and to get some wintery clothing for my trip. I wished for a white Christmas, but who’d a thunk it meant it’d be cold too!Anyway, to get you all in the mood a friend of mine sent me the link to this:Thanks Lexie, it freakin rawked!

We at t1nk inc. wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you find heaps of reasons to give thanks, laugh and share the love this year!

Hmm – whoops! Seems I left this in draft and never hit publish! I guess belated is better then never! Deal with it people…

I wish you all a blissful drifting into your turkey comas this year.  May you dream of all the things you’re thankful for.  For those of you that don’t eat yourself into a stupor I’ve provided you with some light entertainment below… watch & listen at your own risk! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m off to my grams… huzzah!

and it wouldn’t be Halloween with out it.. ok, so it’s not Halloween yet (here), but it is somewhere! So since I will be working my cute little bunny azz off on Halloween I thought I’d post my favourite all time film for the season…

You’ll love it.. trust me!

.. if you don’t, I hope you get a rock instead of the candy you’re after!

tomorrow, tomorrow… I love ya tomorrow.. you’re only a day… a-way *coughs* Now that I got that outta my system and since I’ve been singing the birthday song to myself all month I thought I’d have these cute little guys do it for a change (love the harmonies!) It’s gonna be a great day – @wheee!

Though in some parts of the world it’s already my birthday… it’s good to be me and if ppl loved me more then they would give me twice as many birthday pressies cause after all my birthday is happening right now Down under… so – where’s the love, ppl?! Chop, chop!

until the most t1nktastic day of the year comes around once again… my birthday! Now, as all my hardcore followers (ha) will remember from last year’s audioposting, I am a HUGE fan of birthdays – mine most especially. I’ve never been the kind of person who would go “ungh, another year older” because who cares… there will be cake (hopefully) and singing (hmm.. ) and pressies!

And, come on… what t1nk could resist having a day dedicated to herself; to the day she graced the planet with her wit, her charms, her, uhm, irresistible cuteness?! Not any real t1nk would, but you can thank your lucky stars, I am not one of those kind of crazy for I, LOVE my birthday!

Alas, though tink celebrations are one of my favourite things to talk about it.. let us take a moment to think of something bigger then the tinkverse (I know, shocking!) we have grown to love and feel comforted by because after all the world is vast and, truly, a tinkverse could not exist without it.

This is one of my favourite BEP songs and I might have to someday take it out of context and remind you that one of the highlights of upcoming event of the year is, well, the pressies *coughs* Don’t make me ask you – where is the love? 😉