Today’s my first official day back at the office after handing in my notice. It’s quiet. Too quiet. It’s also raining out…

I decided to tell some of my students that I would be leaving. It’s harder then I thought – especially when they ask, “why?” and I just want to reply: it’s better for me.

Two have been gracious enough to congratulate me and wish me well. I’m impressed to note their maturity: they were (my) children just yesterday it seems. I’m hoping the rest of my goodbyes will go as well.

I’ve spent the rest of the morning filing and clearing out my desk. I left only the few things I thought to be useful for whomever takes my place. I know, how considerate…

My birthday (and last day at this job) is less then 2 weeks away! I can hardly believe it! *wiggles*

I guess it will take me a bit longer then I anticipated to get back into writing out my thoughts.  The last few months I’ve been so… quiet.