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Now that I suckered you in… no, of course I’m not going to tell you the ending, but I’m just about there. One paragraph and one chapter to go (I was called away and told to “put the book down”). I swear, I’ve not become a bleary-eyed shut in!

I will tell you, however, that this is my favourite book of the series.  To say it was an emotional rollercoaster would not do it justice – not in the least. If for some insane reason you’ve yet to get your hot little hands on the book do so because if there’s one book you don’t want to be on the out about it’s this one (and also because I said so – GOSH!)

I need someone to talk to about the book – so get reading! Do it! Now!

On other news, I’m staying with my gran and she doesn’t have net (I know, I totally have to hook her up.) So, my posts here will be even more infrequent.  Aww, I know you’re missing me… but they are  circumstances beyond my control for the moment.

Anyway, be well – speak soon!


Made me giggle on another Harry Potter break (kinda like a gamer’s break, but less dorkish).

Ok, I’m not half sucked into this book… no – it’s more like utterly-completely! I’m only taking a very quick break to let you all know I’m alive and well involved with final installment of Harry Potter (*le sigh* Can’t believe it’s the last! Say it ain’t so!)

Also, looks like I may have secured a j-o-b here in the states. Can we all say, “right on!” together now? Details – later…

OK, must get back to the book. This break was way too long!

Stupidest, most evil inventionEVER!

So poor Sophia is still on antibiotics for her kennel cough (this is now week 2) and the doctor suggested I take her into the bathroom with me whilst I shower so she can breathe in the steam – yeah, cause I’m hot! You know it!

Ah… uhm.. ok, and so that’s cool, but then she also gives me these nose drops and not just one each nostril .. no, two each nostril.  In the dog’s nostrils… the dog that doesn’t know having water dripped into her nose will help her – this is pure genius (not!) Right, so the first day Sophia was like aiiieee – what the freak! The second day I sat on her, like my full body and the third day (today) I threw my body over her, grabbed her scruff with one hand, tilted her head back with the other and tried to get my mom to drop them in, but to no avail.. she squirmed and flipped me right off her.

You would think they’d make the drops like those ones that squirt the liquid at high speeds, but no.. these are like eye drop.  Sophia got a hold of the bottle as I was trying to reposition her and it was right out of a cartoon skit with nose drops spraying thru the air as she bit down on the bottle… oi! So much fun – @wheee!

On other news – saw Harry Potter today.. loved it.  Go see it! I’m so hanging out for the book! Apparently there’s an illegal copy online somewhere, but you know what… I don’t want it I want the book, in my hot hands – now!  Why don’t any of my friends work for publishing companies… or know someone in the know.. I want the advanced bound copy – it’s been so long!

The giggling killed me.. seriously I couldn’t stop giggling myself (not that that’s a terribly unusual thing for me.)

The Japanese have a bent sense of humour – I like it!

Sophia has done wees and poos outside! She’s found a spot that she’s happy to go in and after reading two articles on crate training we have success! Hurray! I’m so proud 🙂 Oh and she sits, when I tell her to! This is only day two of being home. AND she’s got this love of my sandals! She’s a shoe lover just like me, cept she only wants to eat mine! So I’ve taken to putting all my shoes high up and saying “no” in my least t1nkish voice. Oh and the rug.. she thinks it’s fabulous to tug on ay, ay, ay! Oh – she loves jazz music… she must take after me (and so quickly too!) HA!

Well you can tell I’m excited by the highly abused use of exclaimation marks!

But wait! There’s more…. I have added a photo to my flickr; my camera is not working (aiieee), but thankfully the MBP has a built in camera. Though, it was hard to hold her still, you can all look and go “awww, what a cutie!”

I totally love her ears! Like she’s had the Crimper put thru it!

Today, my mom says to me … let’s go to the Humane Society to “look” – uhm, mom, I love animals.. I’ll want them all – and I did! So, we get there and it’s the first time I’ve ever “looked” at animals; I did do some volunteering there when I was a kid, but never any looking.. mostly playing which was cool by me since I never knew that they put them down if no one claimed or adopted them! (WAH!) … so right, we’re looking and I’m crying cause like how could anyone give up their dog after 3.5 years – I mean after a few hours they’re family! So we keep going and I’m crying like a wuss and pressing my hands against cages like you probably shouldn’t do… and come upon – Rainy, a 7 month Golden Retriever and we stop and I’m there like why why.. she’s so beautiful!

Ok, so they let you look more, like in a private room… so I said mom, I want to look at this dog.. but when I got out I thought well where am I going to keep it and yada yada since I’m not quite moved to the states…. but the lady at the counter whisks me away and says so you’ve got a name there you want to look at that dog and when I wrote the name down I’m not sure, but I did cause it was in my handwriting… So I’m in the private room, right.. and they ask me all these questions and then bring her in and she just loves me, licks my face and is so cute with her little crimped little ears and she’s totally got that “tilt your head to the side and make your knees buckle” look down! So I’m like I love her! (picture little hearts bursting out of my head like in cartoons), but you know.. probably to be honest if it was a butt ugly dog that was brought in I would probably love it too if it was as sweet as little Rainy… so mom says to me “happy birthday” and it’s like uhm over a month til my birthday… but who am I to turn down early presents! But there’s still the what will I do with her until I’m moved over here finally….I look at my mom and she’s got those same little hearts bursting out of her head! So I’m like well she can stay with you til I’m here and she was like oh goodness, I’m already attached!

So Rainy comes home with us and I promptly go to the pet place with Butteress to get bits for the new puppy and decide in the store that her name will be Sophia.. so I’m walking around the shop calling, Sophia… Sophia like a dork, but I like it and so I get her a little tag that has it and thus she is now family.

Whilst she’s already much bigger then her older sister Bean, I think they’ll get along beautifully. Sophia (nee Rainy) seems very calm and gentle, but playful at the same time. .. My camera is not working otherwise I would totally be filling this blog with her cuteness, rather then my words.. but ah, oh well… suffer!

Pictures soon hopefully!

Til then here is something Oss sent me to help do all of your heads in:

Nothing and hmm to post today except this little giggle…

Thanks, Boojum!