Sunday was my birthday. It was brilliant. I’m blessed to have such great family and friends…

Before you bite my head off – I didn’t forget about this grr – project.  I just didn’t have a whole lot of time last week to experiment.  Anyway, catching you up… I now have two people who I’m in “open communication” with (one just scraped in tonight). Two lads are in stage 3 and one that’s in stage 1. It’s very much like those turn based games in that you respond and then wait until the other player takes their turn.  I currently have 74 closed “matches” (10 that the guy closed: 64 that I closed).  I have one “new match” that I received today.  He seems interesting or out of his mind; wants to circumnavigate the world on his boat! We shall see…

Today’s reading included an article on kissing.  According to said article, men kiss for sexual reasons and women kiss to gauge how the relationship is going (and also for pleasure)…. what? Men don’t know that everything is in a kiss? Kissing with the right person is just so… just so right. Souls embracing… hearts racing… Hmm… nice.

Anyway, so the guys that I’ve been exchanging bits of dialogue with don’t seem crazy, but maybe that’s their ruse. I’m still annoyed, but like I said one of them so far seems like he’d be cool to be friends with.  He’s a complete dork which fits in with my bunch of friends nicely. (=

On other more dreamy news… I had the most I-really-really-hope-it-comes-true dream about my fickle Romeo last night, cept he wasn’t fickle and it was completely perfect.  Lately, he and I have been in each other’s heads. By that I mean, he’s either told me something and I had been thinking similarly or I’ve told him something and he was like that’s so funny (because he was thinking it too). Recently, we shared a dream. Like he and I had the exact same dream on the same night… am I reading too much into things?

Come on, Romeo. You’re my popcorn at the circus moment (if you’ve seen Big Fish you totally know what I’m talking about here).  I don’t want to give up completely on all Hollywood has taught me – if a guy wants to make it happen… he will.  Right?