Make sure you build up alot of spit in your mouth as you’re trying to get all those k’s out of it.  So the project rolls on… eHarmony has two ways of starting initial communication: fasttrack and guided.  It’s recommended that you do the guided method which is their way of helping you weed out the freaks with non-invasive questions and cookie cutter multiple choice replies.  I guess fasttrack is for those that want really want to meet someone like NOW!

After two rounds of guided communication and reading a letter from some doctor about using common sense and instinct (if it doesn’t feel right, duh… don’t do it!) you get to begin “open communication.”  I’ve made it to this point with one of my “matches” (it almost feels like I’ve levelled up in a game) and have two others in the first round of questions.  Funny, that the one I’ve reached open com with seems like he’d actually be a cool friend.  He’s a teacher like me, but he’s not cute like me.  Hahahaha!

The open communication stage is now supposed to last a while.  I’m cool with that.  I’m still seriously pissed my mom forced me into this (just so you know!)

On other news… my birthday is Sunday! I was saying to my mom how I was sad no one had sent me a card (everyone should be as excited about my birthday as I am!) However, God must’ve heard me because today I received one from an old ex’s parents in the UK.  Even though he and I broke up like in ’95 they’ve never missed one of my birthdays.  It even said don’t open until the 23rd on the outside (because they know I open stuff before I’m supposed to!) It’s ace when nice things happen out of the blue like that.*

*Ok so even though I’m bitter about the eHarmony stuff, I’m not really about my birthday.  Why waste my birthday month being disgruntled? There’s always September… ha!