I called the vet this morning. Lucy’s doing a bit better, but still a long way from home.  Please keep up the prayers.

As of 453am, she’s still being force fed (she won’t eat on her own), but continues to throw up.  I’m not sure if it’s heaps, but this is a worry.  Her diarrhea seems to have lessened, but is not completely gone.  Her temperature is low, so they’re using hot water bottles to keep it up and this has been helping.  Funny, I used to call Bean my hot water bottle and when I got Lucy her tummy was so warm.  Lucy’s blood sugar is still low, so they’re still giving her dextrose.  She’s a fighter – she made it through the night.  

I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much and I know bargaining doesn’t really  help, but I’ve thrown in a few – just in case.  I want Lucy to come home, to be happy and healthy – to get better.

She’s done well to come this far. It blows my mind to know she was this bad off…  Please keep up your prayers!  Thank you.