I feel so weighted down by gravity… it was like I just couldn’t catch up today.

So at lunch, I head over to my local grocery and as I’m walking out I see the old guy I always stop and chat with. He’s got a glow about him and I just can’t help but smile when I see him. He gives me a hug and for the first time today I was beaming; he’s like a grandpa.

We chatted for a while and caught up, since it’d been a few days since we last saw each other and as I’m walking away (smiling) he calls out, “When you going to get married sweetheart… you’re too beautiful to be alone!”

I shrugged and laughed it off as I walked away. As I got closer to my car I thought: “I’m alone!” and then worse, I felt – lonely. Thanks pretend grandpa!

I have to laugh about it all, I mean – it’s that or cry and you know I’d prefer to laugh. Life’s filled with bent humour!