Conversation with my mother…
Ma: Can you freeze your eggs?
Me: Uhm, that costs alot of money and I’m sure some pain is involved.
Ma (shocked): It costs money! Can you just take them out?
Me (talking over her): Ma, ma.. they gotta freeze them, store them…
Ma (talking over me): What do you mean *they* got to freeze them – we got a freezer here! <pointing to the one in the our kitchen>

Me: *very long pause and sigh*

Me: Ma, like cryogenically freeze. That freezer is not cold enough.
Ma: Oh.

I swear sometimes my mom comes up with some completely random ideas… the conversation leading up to that involved my sister showing us a picture she took in the mall of some man’s freakishly large, chicharrón like ear. Is it any wonder I turned out like I did? Really?