Ok, so that’s an old joke but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook.  Today I began my “pre-detox” so that next week (or the following week, I forget which) detoxing won’t kill me as much.

As part of starting the year right, I decided to join B&B for a week of “cleansing.”  It’s only for a week so I figure I could suck it up – it’s supposed to do a body good. 

Those of you that have been around for a while, might remember the vampiric experience I went through during the way-to-long-and-harsh liver cleansing diet that ended in much blood shed over a Winnie-the-Pooh cake at a child’s birthday (I was doing so well, albeit thirsting for blood!) and the less bitey couple of weeks of detox I did a few years back with herbs I could only describe as having come outta a swamp, stewed in swamp water and cured in a swampy smoke house for extra flavour.

Why do I keep doing this to myself? It’s good for you, kids.  At least, that’s what people keep telling me.  This time, I won’t be going it alone… it should be good fun – uh huh.

Tonight, we’re all going walking and then having vegetables for dinner … oh yay! I texted B to tell her I was being good and having salad with lots of veggies and she said she was too, but with steak! What?!

She tells me, “oh we can eat meat in the day, just not the evening…” Man is she in big trouble!

No.. no… must check the attitude and put on my happy face otherwise this is going to feel alot longer then it should.