Last night, Sophie my big hairy elephant of a Golden Retriever decided to demonstrate her bravery (or lack there of).

Something went bump in the night in my bedroom because the next thing I know there is a 30 lb dog on-my-head! I of course, was knocked out asleep and was so very rudely awaken when her ginormous feet smooshed into my cheek as she jumped onto me.

If I could’ve sat up bolt upright, I would’ve… but instead I had to grab her and yank her off me because for whatever reason she would not step down. She smashed into my face at such high speed and with such force, my head is (still) throbbing. This better be good, I think to myself.

She’s never been on my bed – at least not that I’m aware and never while I’ve been on it; she’s too big and hairy!

Anyway, I find the flashlight that’s in my bedside table (because my bedside lamp wasn’t plugged in after painting my room)… and scan the room. What the heck scared her?

The room is still, all except for the dog now on the ground pressing her weight hard against my arm because she can not get close enough to me for protection and staring (only momentarily) at her would-be-attacker: the octopus surge protector.

Normally it’s near my bedside table, but with the painting and all I moved it onto the floor across the room. I guess she tripped over it in the night and it freaked her out with it’s one red and one green eye.

Oh, I’m so ashamed. I got her to protect the house and here I am being woke up at night to protect her from… nothing.

I should’ve named her Puss. I think that will be her new nickname…