Funny how when you least expect it, you get the surprise of your life. It may not always seem good at the time, but hold onto it – your perspective may change.

Last night, I had one of those unsettling surprises, but here’s the thing: it’s a new year, a new beginning and I have hope. Maybe, it’s better described as faith – faith that it’s in God’s hands; that I’m not alone in my way of seeing the world and even if I am, that’s ok. I’ll be ok.

I often say, I live in a tinkverse where the colours are more vivid and the emotions run deeply. Not many people get this, but some people do – for which I’m ever so grateful.

To take a line from a song I like, “it’s time to face up, clean this old house, breathe in and let everything out” (Sanctus Real) – new year, new beginning.

For those of you, along for the ride – welcome. I hope we’ll have many great adventures together. For those who will disembark here – fare thee well, thank you for your company and for sharing all the ups and downs of the journey thus far.

To everyone: I wish you a joy filled 2009.