Holding the sheet music still whilst your nephew squeals through his recorder practice.  However, why schools let children play with those things I’ll never know…  Don’t they know parents (and aunties) will pay them back most severely when they least expect it?! 

He says to me, “titi, it’s the E – I can’t get…” and after I realise the ringing in my head is just the residual vibrations lingering still in the air and that he’s actually stopped playing I say, “just keep practicing… takes a while to get the hang of holding the notes.”  

To say the recorder is capable of ungodly notes would be an understatement.  Sophie (my dog) left the room running, only to realise later my nephew would continue his practice in the living room.  Now I hear her scratching the door to come back in!  Yeah – it’s that bad.  Dogs can’t even stand it.

I’m going to re-enter the air pollution zone and see if he can play along with me on guitar.

Pray for me.