Already by the cast of characters you know something is up.  So… 

Picture this, me dressed up for work – high heels, slacks and a boobie blouse taking my golden out for a wee before I head off. She sees the neighbour’s cat and yanks my arm out of the socket (well not quite, but nearly)… and takes after it. The cat makes a daring escape over the fence after which the dog nearly follows, hindered momentarily by a loud and desperate scream, “NO!” that’s my cue… I start running after her, but the ground is soft and my heels are sinking into it. She, the dog, thinks it’s a fabulous game and starts running every time I get close enough to grab her. All the while a squirrel in a nearby tree, mocking my efforts and laughing at the scenario – to think, I saved that squirrel from the cat the morning before. 

Finally, after several No‘s and naughty girl‘s .. I grab a stick. A, plain, ordinary stick and sucker that little bleepity bleep of a pooch in and take her inside. My hair is sticking up like I’ve just stuck my finger in a socket and got the shock of my life. My cheeks flushed.. sand and top soil in the cuffs of my slacks… My day, has only begun.

Go on.. Laugh it up! Though, I must say, animals (like children) keep life interesting…. XD