NKOTB are coming back! HMOC – I can’t believe it!!! (Excessive use of exclamations allowed due to manic feelings of joy and rapture!!!) I feel like a tween again! I’ve jumped around the room, screamed a little girlish scream and I think.. I think my knees feel like buckling (even though I’m now sitting down.)

I loved these guys, like scribble hearts and my name and their name, all over my Trapper Keeper, love.  I still have all their uhm.. cassettes, but now I have nothing to play them on haha… I can’t believe they’re coming back! I’ve got goosebumps! I wonder if I can sucker anyone into going to the concert with me – hmm… much plotting to be had.

Once my mom met them in the airport – I’d never forgive her except that she did bring me their autographs and the pen they used and she did tell them I loved them.  So, I guess it’s forgivable… I guess.  For the record, it was my sister’s fault I couldn’t go to the airport (ah, don’t you love old grudges that you thought you were over resurfacing…) cause she pissed my grandma off and so I had to stay home with her instead of go to the airport and meet them myself.  Grrr… Ok, now I’m mad.  I’m gonna go call her and grumble out of the blue.