wally 10:35 Tink
t1nk 10:36 B!
wally 10:36 Guess what?! I’m going to spend the summer with my cousin in your town!
t1nk 10:37 You’re Pregnant
wally 10:37  hahah
t1nk 10:37 OMG! COOLIO
wally 10:37 so we can hang out ALL THE TIME!!!
t1nk 10:37 SUPERCOOL!!!!!! When? DETAILS MAN!
wally 10:38 june-august and guess what’s even COOLER!
t1nk 10:38 MY BIRTHDAY! what?
wally 10:38 APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!

t1nk 10:38 😐

wally 10:38 I’m sorry
t1nk 10:38 uncool man, uncool
wally 10:38 had to trick SOMEONE
t1nk 10:38 I knew it, but I just wanted to believe
wally 10:38 when is your B-day?

t1nk 10:38 today
wally 10:38 oh, really?
t1nk 10:38 Yes… you forgot?
wally 10:39  yes. happy birthday!
t1nk 10:39 <—- crying even more now
wally 10:39 awww
t1nk 10:39 Everyone did. It’s kinda sad, really…
wally 10:39  i will still come visit you as soon as I can. I’m horrible at b-days
t1nk 10:39 tinks should not be forgotten
wally 10:39  i forget my own. i never forgot you. just your birthday 😦
t1nk 10:39 Yeah, sure… *sniffs*
wally 10:39  *love his Tink*
t1nk 10:40 Do you feel guilty or are you just like yeah whatever….build a bridge Tink
wally 10:40  i do feel bad if you feel bad about it
t1nk 10:40 I feel terrible
wally 10:40 I’m sorry
t1nk 10:40 I can’t believe you of all people forgot it was APRIL FOOLS!!
wally 10:40  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
t1nk 10:41 HAHAHAHAH
wally 10:41 you are GOOD!!!! i was ready to cry! lol
t1nk 10:41 I know.. I had to trick someone

Hahaha – revenge is so sweetah!