Spent the day with my cousin (and totally resisting calling him by the name I’ve called him since he was born…) Anyway, after a long day of myspace, myspace layouts -cringes-, customising myspace layouts, uploading music, making music videos, taking photos, uploading photos… deleting photos – well, I hope you get the idea… my brain is totally fired, I mean fried!  Staring at html and tweaking colours, boarders… yada yada I end the day cross-eyed, but feeling like we did some good work!My cousin is a lyrical, spiritual wonder – hopefully he’ll see some really positive results from brieding our mains* session today.  Below is the home video of his freestylin: Currently, he’s working on a new album (having released an EP in 2007).  You can check out some of his other songs on his myspace page – http://www.myspace.com/fynishline*Definition: Main Bried, to bried one’s main (English translation: Brain fried, to fry one’s brain), this is what slipped out of my cousin’s mouth after I asked if what we did to his myspace was what he wanted – heh, I told him I’d blog it! ** You’ve no idea how many times I had to type brain fried… it just kept on coming out brian friend. Maybe I’ve got Mr Butterfly man onna brian.. brain.. friend .. fried – Oh come on, you know what I mean!