Last night I attended the Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors game.  The Warriors spanked the Heat, almost effortlessly.

One shot after another, one perfect set up and the Miami boys were just chucking the ball in the air as though they hoped some great gust of wind would push it toward the basket.

At one point, the Heat were passing the ball and one of the players actually flung the ball to someone sitting in the sidelines!  I stood up and asked the roar of the crowd, “what are you doing!”  I don’t think even he knew…

Though there were very few supporters there and the court was probably the smallest I’ve seen – ever (I mean I’ve seen high school gym courts bigger), they did manage to make alot of noise for the Heat.  I left before the end of the game, as did heaps of other people.  It was just too painful to watch.

I remember being a cheerleader (in school, in school people!) for our basketball team and seem to recall it bad form making noise when the boys would go up for a shot (we’d just silently wish they’d miss it) and yet at the Heat game it seemed encouraged.  It made me laugh every time the other team scored the announcer sounded like he’d just ate something sour and horrid, but when the Heat scored it was like the best thing ever.

The Warriors didn’t seem phased.   

I’ll be posting photos to my flickr of the spanking later…