In my family, we’ve alternate names for almost everything… it’s almost a game (with me, anyway) to give something a nick.  I even go as far as finding “prenatal” names for my expecting friends… Gondule is the most recent one of those.  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with double standards or poultry for that matter… well I’m getting there.  I’m brushing my teefs as I write this so chillax whilst I spit!Right… anyway it occured to me that two of our delicio… I mean feathered friends are on opposite poles in regards to endearment.  

Turkeys and Chickens.  

If you call someone a little turkey, to me that’s cause their acting like a little porkchop – acting up (gaw.. I can’t get away from renaming!), but if you call them your little chicken, that means something like your little sweetie – it’s good people! Why is this so?The thought occurred to me whilst showering (this post is very hygienic!) I thought, perhaps it’s because in literature bad things are ugly… and to me a turkey is not pretty unless it’s served up in a dish (sorry you turkey enthusiasts! Vegans and Veggies – this post is not for you – turn away! In fact, you should’ve turned away a while ago!) Chickens, however are cuter and tasty too (but they’re oh, sooooo tasty!) So maybe, just maybe.. this is how it came to be that a “You jive turkey!” became a put down and “Commere, my little chicken” became a term of endearment, for real yo!OK – fine, I’m struggling for material here, but I think it’s a double standard – even if I agree with it!  You know what… you are all are TURKEYS! Yeah, I said it!Have a nice day… turkeys!