My local Humane Society was having a dog walk fundraiser.  I had planned on making it a community service project for my students since I wanted to go to it anyway.  As it turns out, my students couldn’t make it (it was a bit of a distance to travel for a few hours), so Sophie and I braved the streets alone.We so weren’t alone! There were heaps of dogs with their people.  If it weren’t for all the people, I was sure I had landed in dog heaven.  Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours – if you could imagine it, it was probably there; I saw a Marmaduke that I could’ve rode like a horse it was massive and other dogs that were so tiny, even Bean would look like a giant! You’ve not idea how I restrained myself from baby-talking them all.  I will however shamefully admit I squealed like a girl over a few of them (fine, most of them!)  However, that being said.. whilst it was dog heaven for me it was a little overwhelming for Mistress Fluffy Butt.  Lots of strange dogs coming at you from all angles… I probably should’ve thought it out better.  We lasted an hour and a half and had to bail because she was a wee bit too stressed.  We made our donation, got her a dog biscuit and headed home without actually doing the walk…When we got back to the car, she actually took a nap.  I guess it was a big day out adventure for her.  She did very well for the most part, though she snapped at two dogs (one that put his nose up her bum and another that must not have smelt nice), but to start with she seemed ok, it was just too much excitement, too much noise and probably just sensory overload.  We got home and she went straight to her bed and slept for another hour before she was ready to get going again.  She really is just a wee puppy, even if she looks like a great big hairy elephant.