Little Miramar (the foundling) ate my Nine West shoes… and today she was chewing on something which I made her drop only to find it was a piece of the shoe she had been eating, but didn’t finish!

She’s so cute, has expensive tastes in shoes… if she was people she so could be me, but *I* would never eat my shoes! My beautiful shoes… *tear* Not even Sophie would do that! I told Miramar she was a bad dog *very* bad and she just did that cute thing that they do with the tilted head you know and the big puppy eyes like can I finish eating those if you’re just going to throw them out….but in fact it was I that was the bad one cause I should’ve put my shoes on the rack like I always do! What the hell-o was I thinking! I just never in my life thought she’d dare eat MY shoes! What female does that!