Some of you may remember reading on my old blog how one of my friends had this friend ask him if he was IMing Selma Hayek whilst talking with me… if not, who cares. It happened! Well, today it happened again except instead of a friend of a friend it was the hairdresser.

She was cutting my hair and asks, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Selma Hayek?” and I was like well… LOL! She said she actually cut Selma’s hair when she was working in the Keys and that she was just like she is in the movies – you could tell right away who she was, not like some of those busted up celebrities that need a workover before you can tell who they are.

Anyway, so yeah I leave feeling all purty and extra so cause that’s twice now someone’s said I look like Selma and once by someone who’s actually met her! My mami still claims I’m cuter, but she might be a bit biased. In any case, I’m not turning my nose up to the comparison. Ms Hayek is gorge which means I am too!