Today I showed how much more then a pretty face I really am!  So like picture this…I arrive at work a half hour early to get some work I needed to get done, only to find I couldn’t get into the office because someone had locked the door that no one has the key to.   So I’m waiting in the front office and start working on my stuff at the secretary’s desk since I’m like the only one there.  On pen and paper – no less! Right so, little by little people start arriving and pounding on the back door which I can’t open cause I can’t get into the office.  I yell from the front that only the front is open and they should just come around cause I’m not walking out there to let them know… and eventually they call the phone and I answer like I don’t know it’s them – hahaha… ok, so I’m like the back is locked come to the front.  They do and we wait.. More come and we’re all like who has the freaking key – none of us do.I call the boss who’s not there and he asks who locked it cause he doesn’t have the key either and he’s not coming in.  He suggests moving the bookcase that’s blocking another door and see if we can get in that way.  Well it’s open and the big guy says to me, come here little one see if you can squeeze thru the crack of the door cause the mainframe is not letting me push it open any more.  I try and uhm.. boobage does not allow passage! I say, the girls are denying access.  He then tries to PUSH me thru and I’m like WOAH – no go.. no way! So he looks around and up and says, it looks like you’ll have to go over.My only thought at this point is “aroooo?”He says, yeah you think you can squeeze thru the top of the part opened door cause it’s opened a bit wider up there…and I’m like well.. gimme a boost, we’ll soon find out.  Mind you I’m supertiny (height-wise).  He lifts me up and I grab hold of the top of the door and I try to stretch my leg to reach the mainframe, but I’m just too little! I say lift me higher so I can grab the frame on the wall and pull myself up and in and he does and serious I was like SPIDER MAN – except more like a cute tink-chick and I pull myself up, tiptoe onto the mainframe and slide off it into the room, open the door and et voila – we’re in!Much hi-5ing later and I realise I need to thank my mother for the gymnastic lessons cause no way would I have been able to do that without some upper body strength, baby!  Thanks, ma!