It’s totally something you and your dog must learn, but when you try and walk multiple dogs it then becomes an art form.  I learned this today… (yeah, I can be taught!)

I took Sophia (my Golden) and Miramar (the foundling) for a morning walk together… for some insane reason I thought it would like bond us – the three musketeers.  Don’t get me wrong, we started out all with the same intent. This was clear when we three tried to fit through the doorway on our way out – at the same time.  It was clear when both dogs were sniffing the “newspaper” (grass, lampposts, hydrants, bushes… everything) as we walked along, but then… suddenly all the camaraderie was forgotten as we past a yard with these hideous, gigantic, plastic blow-up snow globes.  Why, why would you put those things in your yard, people? They’re not cute! 

Anyway, Sophia (the big one) decides to hide behind me and grumble at them, wrapping herself around me as she does. Miramar, the bold little one, wants to check them out and starts hacking as she tugs to get closer.  My arms are tangled in two leads that are going one way and the other, but wait, it gets better! Some dude is walking behind me, but like a ninja all quiet like until the dogs see him and Sophia decides to take a flying leap yanking my entangled arm and making the whites of this guy’s eyes turn to saucers.  Serves him right for sneaking up like that, but still… At that moment, I tightened my grip and dug my heels in, smile and said, “morning” like a nice and totally in control tink.  I growled out the command, “leave it” to the dogs and they do (thankfully) and we kept going.

Despite all this drama, it’s a lovely morning.  It had been raining so everything was washed new and the birds were singing somewhere in the trees and the smell of grass that had been cut was in the air.

The dogs resume walking along side me now and as the little one pauses to take an extra long sniff, the big one decides that right at this very moment she must play and throws her humongo elephant sized paw and leg onto the little one.  Goldens, at least mine, seem to be totally driven by whims.  But, my friends, little Miramar is a pistol; she doesn’t like being smooshed and she’s not afraid to tell you! So they start play fighting, but like right there in the open like we’re at some doggie playroom and you know it won’t stop until someone cries – that so wasn’t going to be me!  After trying the reasoning parent approach that was like trying to reason with two hairy peanuts, I wrapped both leads several times around my wrist and opened my arms so that one dog was as far as I could reach on one side of me and the other on the other side.  I grumbled “enough” to which they stopped and looked at me as though I had spoiled their delicious game and gave that cute dog head tilt thing that they *all* do so well.  I didn’t give in though, we walked the rest of the way with my arms outstretched and them separated like two naughty children. I felt like a scarecrow walking like that… or a tree, but not one of those in the wind.  I admire those people who can walk more then two, but I expect they’ve practised more then I have – they’ve got it down pat! Maybe if I had one of those two-headed leaders or a dog sled.  I’ve always wanted to cry, mush

As soon as we got back to the house, I let them go for a drink and they were positively delightful sharing the water bowl.  For a split second it was bliss! They really are laughable though; I can’t think of a cuter odd couple!