I am sure what I was going to post here was much more interesting, but a day of shoe shopping has totally wiped any pre-posting thoughts from my mind. On the up-side I did buy a fabulous pair of 5 inch heels… I apparently have an admirer on my flickr who requested that I post more shoes and feet pictures – I always knew I wasn’t just a pretty face!

So, I’ve been wondering about something… I sleep *really* high in the bed. Like, it doesn’t matter if I go to sleep midway down the bed I always end up with my head pressed up against the headboard as though it was some sort of security. Last night I did a test to see whether I was just imaginging this. I put my pillow midway down my bed (yes, I am small enough to sleep half way down the bed) and in the morning my headboard was eating my pillow and I was inched up near the top. Mind, I was still in the same possie I went to sleep in, just higher up in the bed.

I normally sleep on my side, with my knees tucked up a bit and a zillion pillows surrounding me so that I’m like hugged from all around. And no, I don’t normally sleep in the middle of the bed, but I certainly don’t start with my pillow wedged between the headboard and the mattress, but every morning I wake up with a half missing pillow and my head centimeters away from the headboard. WHY? Why am I doing this?

No.. it’s not because I’m a freak – you dork!