until the most t1nktastic day of the year comes around once again… my birthday! Now, as all my hardcore followers (ha) will remember from last year’s audioposting, I am a HUGE fan of birthdays – mine most especially. I’ve never been the kind of person who would go “ungh, another year older” because who cares… there will be cake (hopefully) and singing (hmm.. ) and pressies!

And, come on… what t1nk could resist having a day dedicated to herself; to the day she graced the planet with her wit, her charms, her, uhm, irresistible cuteness?! Not any real t1nk would, but you can thank your lucky stars, I am not one of those kind of crazy for I, LOVE my birthday!

Alas, though tink celebrations are one of my favourite things to talk about it.. let us take a moment to think of something bigger then the tinkverse (I know, shocking!) we have grown to love and feel comforted by because after all the world is vast and, truly, a tinkverse could not exist without it.

This is one of my favourite BEP songs and I might have to someday take it out of context and remind you that one of the highlights of upcoming event of the year is, well, the pressies *coughs* Don’t make me ask you – where is the love? 😉