Now that I suckered you in… no, of course I’m not going to tell you the ending, but I’m just about there. One paragraph and one chapter to go (I was called away and told to “put the book down”). I swear, I’ve not become a bleary-eyed shut in!

I will tell you, however, that this is my favourite book of the series.  To say it was an emotional rollercoaster would not do it justice – not in the least. If for some insane reason you’ve yet to get your hot little hands on the book do so because if there’s one book you don’t want to be on the out about it’s this one (and also because I said so – GOSH!)

I need someone to talk to about the book – so get reading! Do it! Now!

On other news, I’m staying with my gran and she doesn’t have net (I know, I totally have to hook her up.) So, my posts here will be even more infrequent.  Aww, I know you’re missing me… but they are  circumstances beyond my control for the moment.

Anyway, be well – speak soon!