Stupidest, most evil inventionEVER!

So poor Sophia is still on antibiotics for her kennel cough (this is now week 2) and the doctor suggested I take her into the bathroom with me whilst I shower so she can breathe in the steam – yeah, cause I’m hot! You know it!

Ah… uhm.. ok, and so that’s cool, but then she also gives me these nose drops and not just one each nostril .. no, two each nostril.  In the dog’s nostrils… the dog that doesn’t know having water dripped into her nose will help her – this is pure genius (not!) Right, so the first day Sophia was like aiiieee – what the freak! The second day I sat on her, like my full body and the third day (today) I threw my body over her, grabbed her scruff with one hand, tilted her head back with the other and tried to get my mom to drop them in, but to no avail.. she squirmed and flipped me right off her.

You would think they’d make the drops like those ones that squirt the liquid at high speeds, but no.. these are like eye drop.  Sophia got a hold of the bottle as I was trying to reposition her and it was right out of a cartoon skit with nose drops spraying thru the air as she bit down on the bottle… oi! So much fun – @wheee!

On other news – saw Harry Potter today.. loved it.  Go see it! I’m so hanging out for the book! Apparently there’s an illegal copy online somewhere, but you know what… I don’t want it I want the book, in my hot hands – now!  Why don’t any of my friends work for publishing companies… or know someone in the know.. I want the advanced bound copy – it’s been so long!