Sophia has done wees and poos outside! She’s found a spot that she’s happy to go in and after reading two articles on crate training we have success! Hurray! I’m so proud 🙂 Oh and she sits, when I tell her to! This is only day two of being home. AND she’s got this love of my sandals! She’s a shoe lover just like me, cept she only wants to eat mine! So I’ve taken to putting all my shoes high up and saying “no” in my least t1nkish voice. Oh and the rug.. she thinks it’s fabulous to tug on ay, ay, ay! Oh – she loves jazz music… she must take after me (and so quickly too!) HA!

Well you can tell I’m excited by the highly abused use of exclaimation marks!

But wait! There’s more…. I have added a photo to my flickr; my camera is not working (aiieee), but thankfully the MBP has a built in camera. Though, it was hard to hold her still, you can all look and go “awww, what a cutie!”

I totally love her ears! Like she’s had the Crimper put thru it!