Today, my mom says to me … let’s go to the Humane Society to “look” – uhm, mom, I love animals.. I’ll want them all – and I did! So, we get there and it’s the first time I’ve ever “looked” at animals; I did do some volunteering there when I was a kid, but never any looking.. mostly playing which was cool by me since I never knew that they put them down if no one claimed or adopted them! (WAH!) … so right, we’re looking and I’m crying cause like how could anyone give up their dog after 3.5 years – I mean after a few hours they’re family! So we keep going and I’m crying like a wuss and pressing my hands against cages like you probably shouldn’t do… and come upon – Rainy, a 7 month Golden Retriever and we stop and I’m there like why why.. she’s so beautiful!

Ok, so they let you look more, like in a private room… so I said mom, I want to look at this dog.. but when I got out I thought well where am I going to keep it and yada yada since I’m not quite moved to the states…. but the lady at the counter whisks me away and says so you’ve got a name there you want to look at that dog and when I wrote the name down I’m not sure, but I did cause it was in my handwriting… So I’m in the private room, right.. and they ask me all these questions and then bring her in and she just loves me, licks my face and is so cute with her little crimped little ears and she’s totally got that “tilt your head to the side and make your knees buckle” look down! So I’m like I love her! (picture little hearts bursting out of my head like in cartoons), but you know.. probably to be honest if it was a butt ugly dog that was brought in I would probably love it too if it was as sweet as little Rainy… so mom says to me “happy birthday” and it’s like uhm over a month til my birthday… but who am I to turn down early presents! But there’s still the what will I do with her until I’m moved over here finally….I look at my mom and she’s got those same little hearts bursting out of her head! So I’m like well she can stay with you til I’m here and she was like oh goodness, I’m already attached!

So Rainy comes home with us and I promptly go to the pet place with Butteress to get bits for the new puppy and decide in the store that her name will be Sophia.. so I’m walking around the shop calling, Sophia… Sophia like a dork, but I like it and so I get her a little tag that has it and thus she is now family.

Whilst she’s already much bigger then her older sister Bean, I think they’ll get along beautifully. Sophia (nee Rainy) seems very calm and gentle, but playful at the same time. .. My camera is not working otherwise I would totally be filling this blog with her cuteness, rather then my words.. but ah, oh well… suffer!

Pictures soon hopefully!

Til then here is something Oss sent me to help do all of your heads in: