Have you ever noticed that people get this almost “I’m doing something naughty” look on their faces when they’re enjoying a hot chocolate? I mean, I know there’s nothing like a good hot chocolate – it’s even better then peanut butter… (those of you movie buffs will totally get that.) Though, it was only until doing a search on flickr for “hot chocolate” that I realised how many people actually get this look.

I know, you’re shocked for find that I am not the only one that wears a cheeky grin and gets a certain sparkle in the eye when presented with a steaming, hot, cup of delicious chocolate – yes, Yes, YES! Oh wait.. uhm… where was I? Hmm, well I assure you, my grin and my sparkle are completely and utterly unique to me because I am the only me you’ll ever have the good fortune (or displeasure, depending on how you please) to meet.

If you don’t believe me about the cheekiness of hot chocolate do the flickr search yourself, but I’m betting you know* all about that look… oh yeah.

*Unless you’re one of those -fReAkS!- that doesn’t like chocolate… and then I don’t even know why we’re friends. Go away from my sight you foul beast!